3 Types Of Panoramic Photographic Techniques You Should Know About

The word panorama is generally used to describe a scenic representation with wide angle. When this technique is used in cameras to create a panoramic view of a scene or object, it is called panoramic photography style. It has the capacity to capture and display images that cannot be seen through human eyes when the eyes are kept in a single focus point.  At a single point, human vision can only see up to a maximum of 160 degrees, while a simple pano-image can cover 180 degrees minimum and of course maximum of360 degree panoramic view with latest pano-technology.

It gives a view of several images joined together, and this is achieved by making use of an efficient photo stitching software like Arcsoft Panorama Maker. Specialized equipment is required to take panoramic images, and such images cannot be created with simple lens cameras. Panoramic lenses are 10 to 20 mm wide, and usually, the panoramic cameras have curvy film inside that transfers the images in parts to the film creating panoramic view.

3 Types Of Panoramic Photographic Techniques You Should Know About

The Technology behind Panoramic Photography

The pano-photography style is very different from normal. A pano image is two times broader than its length. Generally used for taking cityscapes, landscapes and natural scenic beauty, this technology has also occupied a place in law enforcements for capturing evidences and documenting proofs.

With these numerous uses, you might also be interested in knowing the types of panoramic photography. There are 3 major classifications in this category and they are –

  • Flat or Planar Image,
  • Spherical Panorama, and
  • Cylindrical technique.

Flat Photography

Planar or Flat photography is the most simple technique of panoramic photography. Images of streets or groups of buildings that cannot be covered in one shot by normal technique can be captured in a single image through this pano-technique. It’s useful in taking pictures with high resolution levels.

3 Types Of Panoramic Photographic Techniques You Should Know About

Spherical Photography

Spherical Photography can be again sub-divided into two categories. One is Inner Sphere and the other is outer sphere panorama. Inner Sphere panoramic image can be created by clicking the object’s top and bottom, left and right side and also front and back part.

Combining these pictures together into the shape of a hollow ball, wherein the images will be inside wards will give perfect Spherical panoramic image. The viewer has to stand inside the sphere to watch the pictures. This kind of photography can be experienced in space museums. Similarly, when these pictures are assembled outwards, it becomes outer sphere panorama.

The map of the earth satellite seen online is created with thevery spherical technique. It often gives an illusion of 3D panorama also.

Cylindrical Panoramic Photography

Likewise, cylindrical panoramic photography also has two classifications and they are

  • Inner cylinder and
  • Outer cylinder.

Here, the camera has to be rotated in complete 360 degrees perimeter. All the images are combined into one to get cylindrical shaped panorama. When these pictures are placed inwards so that the viewers can see the images from inside the cylinder, it is referred to as inner cylinder, and as the name suggest, when it is placed outwards it becomes outer cylindrical panoramic view.

Once again, it’s all about learning how to stitch photos and creating stunning panoramic images, as you can’t capture such shots directly, and a professional program like Panorama Maker from Arcsoft can be highly useful in this regard.

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