The Top iPad Covers With Keyboard

When we talk of the Apple iPad, we can’t help but highlight the strengths of the gadget, except for one basic drawback—that of its onscreen keyboard—which may be deemed to be a weakness if one wants to engage in productive works using the iPad. This weakness becomes apparent only if one is doing some serious stuff with one’s iPad. Therefore, it is necessary to complement an iPad with an iPad Cover with keyboard which will function both as an efficient alternative to the onscreen keyboard, and as a protection to the iPad itself.

Most iPad users either opt for a combination case/keyboard/stand as a protection to the tablet while carrying it around, or a Wireless Keyboard. The Keyboard folio cases usually come in different forms, some are very flexible and thin, while others are very sturdy and firm. Let me give you rundown of some of the primary iPad covers with keyboard which are available in the market at present.

  1. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard is one of the best complements you can have in electronic market for your iPad. It adds a stylish and comfortable Bluetooth keyboard in one slick aluminum package. Though the Ultrathin is not the best protection cover for your iPad in the market, it however affords you a nice protection for your iPad as you travel around.
  1. Luvvitt BACKLIT Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for Pad MIni is the world’s lightest and thinnest backlit keyboard cover for your iPad Mini. It is designed by Apple Accessory experts who make some of the best iPad cases in the world. The clip-and-go design is very thin and is around .35″ or 9 mm. It is very lightweight at 7.3 oz. or around 207 grams. Yet, despite its very thin and light body, it is heavy-duty. It is built around a magnetic clip which readily attaches to the keyboard cover to the the iPad Mini. The compact design is scratch-resistant, and gloss-finished. It comes in two colors of black and marble white which is an ideal match for the iPad.
  1. The ClamCase can definitely turn your tablet into a true laptop, while adding protection, various options as a sturdy stand, and a keyboard. The ClamCase readily adds a keyboard and a 360º hinge, making your iPad look like an awesome laptop. Likewise, the additional heft provided by the ClamCase to your iPad gives it a reliable protection from scratches and damages.
  1. The Belkin Keyboard Folio provides your iPad with a thin and lightweight aluminum design. The base is made specifically of machined aluminum alloy, affording you a topnotch durability in a very slim profile. The keyboard is just 6.4 mm thin, and it weighs 17 ounces highlighting the iPad’s thin and lightweight design. Likewise, the keys are well-spaced and comfortable to use. The Belkin Keyboard Folio, moreover, provides you with a Bluetooth Keyboard, and its magnetic stand makes it easy to use on your lap.
  1. The ZAGG ZAGGfolio for Apple iPad2 is a space-saving keyboard which is designed for speedy and accurate typing. It readily supports iPad2 in both portrait and landscape orientations. It is designed for utmost flexibility, with its removable iPad keyboard working in combination with its built-in stand. It makes use of Bluetooth technology and allows you to connect while your keyboard is either in the iPad 2 folio case or pulled out of the case.
  1. The Brydge is not the typical pleather or plastic iPad case. It sports a solid black polycarbonate. Its clamp readily secures the iPad to its cover. The three models of Brydge show full hinges, which allows you to readily adjust the screen to the most comfortable angle. The price ranges from $130 to $210.

You got other choices of iPad covers with keyboard. You can look up each gadget online and make a comparative analysis of the advantages afforded by the each iPad cover which is available in the market.

Andrew Maynard is a graduate of computer engineering and has been working as an IT. He is a part-time online blogger contributor to a computer magazine.

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