The Latest Advances in Car Security Technology

Although there are certain risk factors that will make your car more prone to theft, sometimes it just comes down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fortunately, there are now more car security options than ever to help protect your vehicle, combining classic techniques with the latest in digital technology. To narrow down the range of options, you’ll want to consider how much you’re willing to spend on car safety add-ons, as well as how prone to theft your car is. If you live in an urban area with a high crime rate, it may be better to spend a bit more on anti-theft devices, for example. Brand new cars will also cost you more in insurance due to their attractiveness to thieves, but old cars are often stolen and sold for parts. Investing in safety devices will not only decrease your chances of theft, but will also decrease your insurance rates. The following are a few of the top devices to consider.


One of the cheapest anti-theft devices is a mechanical immobilizer, which restricts access to the vehicle. These often work simply as a visual deterrent to thieves, but may not put off more experienced hijackers. However, the newest immobilizers are electronic, and more effective. Many new Volvo cars at and other technology-oriented brands already come equipped with these devices. For example, your car may come with a car key or fob which interacts with a microchip inside of the car. This sends signals to the car’s ignition system, allowing it to start. If a thief tries to start the car without the correct key, it won’t work due to the immobilizer.

Kill Switch

Another popular type of anti-theft device is a kill switch. This shuts down a portion of the car’s electrical system. Although some models will already come with this feature, you can easily install it into older vehicles as well. However, be sure to check your warranty because some models don’t allow installation. The switch may be operated using a wireless transmitter, or when the car is locked.

Electronic Car Alarms

Simply the presence of a high-tech car alarm will deter thieves. Put a sticker in the window announcing that the car is protected by the security alarm. The latest car alarms work using electronic sensors, which activate automatically whenever the vehicle has been compromised, whether it’s through sudden movements or breaking glass. The siren goes off when these sensors are activated. Unlike older alarms, which could go off unexpectedly, the new models are more accurate.

Vehicle Tracking Features

Finally, vehicle tracking is perhaps the most up-to-date form of car security technology. This allows you to find your car even if it’s stolen. The latest devices give you a real-time location of the car, using GPS technology and tracking. Systems like LoJack and OnStar hide a transmitter in your car and work with law enforcement to track and retrieve it when stolen. You can have this added to any car, from a Nissan Pulsar to a Ferrari. However, it comes standard on all new models from Volkswagen, Audi, and Isuzu.

Although these tools will go a long way towards helping to protect your car, common sense is also an important part of the equation. Take care not to park your car in high-theft areas, and avoid leaving pricy laptops, MP3 players, or anything else of value inside the car. A combination of common sense and the latest security features will help protect your investment.

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