Streams After 10th: Which Suits You?

Adolescence days are the most memorable days spent in one’s whole life. It is because of pressure and stress free life that a student lives during that period. But as they move forward in life, learning and experiencing newer things in life, however in time they reach a certain point where they find themselves making an important decision which will decide their whole future. At that moment they face the wrath of pressure as it creeps into them to immobilize their decisions. Hence students often gets confused and find themselves stuck in a vague situation as they face it for the first time in their life.

If you are facing similar situations as stated above then you can read below to find some courses which will help you to clear the cloud of confusion and anxiety. I have categorized some courses after 10TH which you can pursue as your career path.

Science: This is the most sought after course by students from all across the globe. This course demands pure dedication as it is high demand course. This course basically needs you to be a lover of sciences. You can pursue for MBBS and become a doctor or an Engineer through this stream. Basically this is mostly in demand among the parents too. You can opt for Physics, Chemistry and Biology to pursue in Medical sciences and Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to pursue for engineering course. There are other career branches under this course but the above stated two are the most preferred subjects by students.

Commerce & Business: Building business skills is also a best option to look out after passing out your 10th. Most individual gain business related skills while pursuing higher studies and then opt for doing MBA to further upgrade their business skills. Later on they are head hunted by big firms and are given lucrative post that pays them handsome salaries. There are also others who are motivated through this stream that they set up their own businesses and excel in it with their managerial skills. So if you think this is what you should do that you can opt for commerce in to pursue it further in your graduation and then on to masters. Many colleges are also offering BBA which is Bachelor in Business administration. In this growing market scenario, many companies are head hunting students with good commerce backgrounds before they even passed out from the college. Hence the growths of students pursuing such courses have also increased rapidly.

Accounting: This is taken as one of the most important job for any business, no matter which type it belongs to. Every businesses or company needs a smart and efficient accountant for managing their funds. These professionals have the burden to carry out critical responsibilities on their shoulders and their job and presence matters a lot to the company, plus they are well paid. So if you have inkling for this job you better start gearing yourself up by excelling in accounting and statistics.

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