Registering A New Business In Poland – All You Need To Know

The business vehicle choice is the most important decision to make when an investor gets into Polish market. This is the very beginning and most important stage of your investment. The options available to invest your money are either putting money in ready-made shelf companies or getting new companies registered.

Registering A New Business In Poland – All You Need To Know

Shelf Companies Vs New Companies

Ready made company Poland are the fastest way to get into business in Poland but definitely not the safest. Chances are there of shelf company holding a bad track record or may be loaded with debts. These are something which if not researched well could land you in trouble. Other drawbacks are like name of the company is already set, the scope of activity is already plotted in the market, inherited articles of association and much more. The safest way to invest in Poland then becomes the setting up of the new company. You got to get your company registered and start your own customized company.

How to Register a New Business in Poland?

Now to get a new business registered in Poland could be a minimum of 7 day process (this is the least possible time). The process starts with notarize company agreement, which is altogether a daily process. Next step to get the company registered in the national court register, here you need to pay registration fees and announcement fees. After that you have to apply for the Regon identification number. This takes a day and is free of cost. Then you have to open a bank account in Poland and after that obtaining tax identification number comes on your list.

One Stop-shop Process to Make Things Faster

There are initiatives being taken in Poland to make this long tedious process of a new business registration into a one stop-shop process. This will make the job easier and faster for the investors. The number of institutions involved in business registration in Poland makes the job more time taking, so the one stop-shop effort will make the process more efficient and much of the work could be handled over the internet. The applicant could use internet gateways instead of running to the registration offices all the time.

If an overall view is taken, considering all options then it’s always a smart move to build up a new company on your own. For an investor, tailoring a new company is like building his business the way he wants. He could see his money working completely on his plans.

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