Managed Encryption Services

Managed Encryption ServicesComputer security applies to the protection of all information systems and the information contained in a computer drive from access, use, modification, disruption, disclosure or destruction by unauthorized persons. This kind of security varies. It could involve preservation of information availability – as normally defined on the security policy – or data protection from theft or corruption.

Data protection can be done in many ways. Depending on how you choose to protect your data, there is a wide range of effects that can impact on your company’s future. You can either host and manage your security solution in-house, or outsource. You could also choose to settle for the protection of an all-in-one appliance or get a managed services provider to host the application. Managing the security solution means ensuring the computer system can handle all current and future demands in spite of the unpredictability of variables like legislation, mobility patterns and data risks.

With managed encryption services, all you have to worry about is the number of computers you need protected and the service provider takes care of the delivery of the encryption as a managed service. The most popular encryption product is whole disk encryption, which is a comprehensive and continuous disk encryption that enables cost-effective, quick, and continuous protection across the devices and removable media.

An encryption service that is increasingly becoming popular is cloud-based encryption, and it is usually provided as disk encryption services, ongoing management and support. This service is aimed at small businesses and the rest of the mid-market. It brings a more affordable encryption solution.

File or hard drive encryption involves carrying out certain procedures that code the system to ensure that the information contained is available, has integrity and cannot be accessed by anyone without the password or pass phrase. Managed encryption services are provided by computer security service providers. They involve imposing requirements that restrict what a computer can do, usually by physically limiting access to only those who are cleared of risk to the computer security.

Other ways in which Computer Security is Enhanced Include:

•  Hardware mechanisms designed to enforce rules on computer programs to avoid dependency on programs for security.

•Programming strategies that heighten computer program resistance to subversion and also make them dependable.

•OS mechanisms that enforce rules on programs to promote distrusting computer programs.

Managed Encryption ServicesEssentially there are three ways in which computer security is compromised. The first one is hacking, which refers to an unauthorized use of an information system or network, or attempt to bypass the security mechanisms in place. This can be merely annoying or outright illegal as privacy is breached and computer-based property can be damaged. This property includes software, web pages and files.

The second one is cracking, which is basically breaking into a computer system. This is an art that requires masterly. When software is modified to remove its protection methods, this is called software cracking. The protection methods include serial number, trial/demo version, copy prevention, hardware key and software nuisances like adware and nag screens.

Lastly, there is phreaking, which is cracking the network of a mobile phone. This is both an art and a science. You are familiar with jailbreaking.

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