Import A Car Via Custom Broker: How Beneficial Is It For You

How do things Work?

International markets have made it possible for countries to communicate with them via various methods, making it easy for information, items, services and even people to travel from one place to another. The greatest thing about international markets is the fact that a specific targeted audience can benefit from a product, even though the manufacture company is not present in their country. Let’s take the example of a person in the USA that really wants a Bentley from the UK. The international laws allow the person to have the car transported in the US with some specifications and regulations. That’s where a custom broker comes into the picture.

Why should you Relay on a Custom Broker?

First of all, think about what you know about the custom laws and how they need to be applied when it comes to an outside shipment? The reality is that very few people are so well informed in order to know exactly what to do when it comes to such a service. A custom broker will know what papers need to be completed and what needs to be done in order for a car to cross the border and reach its owner. The idea here is simple: he has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the entire process and make it easy for you to be the proud owner of a Bentley from the UK in now time.

Laws and Restrictions

Another great place where the broker can really be of help is when it comes to the laws and restrictions that you might encounter when importing a car. It’s really important to understand that the government is very strict when it comes to introducing items in the country and you really should know about all the details so that you don’t buy the car of your dreams and not be able to enjoy it, because of law or a restriction.

Proof of Ownership!

This is one of the things that you need to mind FIRST when it comes to getting a car from outside of US. You cannot do nothing if you don’t prove that the car is yours and you have the right to have it in your own garage. This can make things a little bit difficult, especially when it comes to the fact that not all cars are allowed in the country. This means that you need to do your research first, or ask a custom broker, if the car of your dreams can be transported in the country. This needs to happen BEFORE you buy the car because you might find yourself in the situation of not having the possibility to drive it around. Laws are very strict here and you need to be aware of that.


Another detail that the custom broker will point out here is the fact that you will need to pay some taxes if you are to bring the car into the country. For example, if you’ve bought the car from someone that has had the car in his possession for more than a year, than you should know that you owe the US country %2.5 from the current value of the car’s blue book. It’s really important to understand that you cannot pass the car through customs if you don’t finish with all the taxes and duties that you need to make. That’s the reason why you should think seriously before acting on buying a car from outside of the country. Yes, there are many advantages that can come with such a decision, but there are some bumpers on the way as well. Hiring a broker in the custom industry can really be a lifesaving opportunity because he can guide you through the entire process.


Maybe you haven’t heard about custom brokers and what they do, but you will surely need one if you want to get through all the bureaucracy and paperwork that needs to be done when having an item shipped from outside of the country. It’s one reliable service!

Andreea Stevans  – international affairs blogger and promoter of the idea that international trades from car importation to seeds transports can improve the way the economy works as it keeps things going.

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