How To Sell A Stamp Collection Privately

How To Sell A Stamp Collection PrivatelyIf you have somehow acquired a collection of Great Britain stamps or stamps from around the world, you may be wondering what to do with them.

If you are not a collector yourself, it can be difficult to figure out what your collection is worth and whether it is best sold piecemeal, or as a whole collection. Unfortunately, not all stamp collections are goldmines. Your collection may be incomplete, poorly cared for, or not particularly extensive. Before you get too excited about the collection, take a close look at the collection and research the value of each stamp online. If your collection is not worth a lot of money, consider framing it for decorative use instead of selling it.

If you have a complete collection of a certain line of Great Britain stamps, such as collections of Christmas images or regional specials, then your collection may have some value. It is best to sell your stamps at auction, or directly to a private collector, rather than selling it to a broker for fast cash.

Researching Stamps Online

You can research the value of your Great Britain stamps collection online, but before you do so it is important to educate yourself in the terminology used in the collecting world. Once you understand the different phrases used by collectors to describe the condition and type of stamp, you can gauge the value of the items in your possession. If your collection is not exceptionally valuable, but you decide that you do want to sell it, putting it up online is probably the most convenient way to do so.

If you have reason to believe that your collection is valuable, however, you should not try to sell it yourself. Take it to a reputable auction house and have them examine it. The auction house will take a cut of the final price if you decide to list it with them, but that expense will be worth it to ensure that you do get a fair price. It is easier to deal with collectors through an auction house with resident experts, rather than try to talk to collectors yourself when the only knowledge you have about your Great Britain stamp collection is that the stamps have a picture of the Queen on them.

Private Selling

If you decide against going the auction route, tread carefully. Before you put up advertisements saying you have Great Britain stamps for sale, talk to a few different experts and see what a few dealers have to say about the value of your collection. Regional issues, commemorative stamps and the original penny stamps can be valuable, but you will need to understand what you have in your possession if you want to get a good deal. Some collectors may offer more for a collection if it is complete, so buying missing stamps to round out your recently inherited collection could be a sound investment.

Maria John is a devoted antiques enthusiast and stamp collector. She has a large number of Great Britain stamps for sale and runs a small business selling collectibles as well as helping other people get a fair price for their items. She appreciates stamps and postcards for the  
social, cultural and historic commentary that the designs on them provide.

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