How To Hire New Employees Properly?

As an employer and someone who is responsible for hiring new people in your company you should we absolutely aware of the fact you bear a significant responsibility. Your decisions have a direct effect on the productiveness, work and overall spirit of your employees, so you better do it right.

Hiring new employees is usually a tricky part, especially for the smaller companies. The best candidates for the job are slippery and are not always available, and the whole process of interviewing, making assessment and whatever you can think of consumes much more time, energy and money you can think of.

You can never be absolutely sure that you have hired the right people for the job, but you can use some good practice and self-proved techniques that will help you make the best possible decision.

1. Give yourself No Less than Six Months for the Overall Process of Finding New Employees

When you start looking for new employees, who you need in a short period of time, you can feel stuck in the middle of nowhere. In addition, this way you may hire people who you would never allow to work for your company in normal circumstances. So, what is the best way of doing this? You must:

  • have at least three months for looking and checking the candidates
  • have at least one month for leading the negotiations (this way you will also give your potential employees the opportunity to leave their current job in case they have one)
  • have at least two months for training your new employee.

2. Organize the Interview in a Few Steps

The candidates, who are looking for a job of any kind – and the position you are offering may accidentally be in this category, rarely require for a more complex process of interviewing. You may find some candidates, who do not have the necessary motivation for the job, so make sure you organize the whole process in a few steps in order to make sure you hire the best people for the job.

3. At Least One of the Stages must be Led by the Employer

Finding the best people to work with is an essential part in the business. The initial phone call, the first live interview, the Curriculum Vitae check – make sure you do at least one of these things. You must be ready to bear the responsibility for at least one stage in the whole hiring process because, after all, nobody knows your company’s needs better than you.

4. Make sure you Determine which the Five most important Skills for the Position will be

This is actually one of the easiest and most practical things in the hiring new employees process. And most importantly, it works. Five skills and personal qualities are absolutely enough when it comes to choosing the right candidate for the job.

5. Make sure you don’t only ask Questions on the Interview

A question after another question – let us be sincere and admit that this is a limited approach, which does not give you enough information about the person you are talking to. Give a task to your candidates, make them do something in practice. This way you will see your candidate’s working methods and actual skills.

6. Make a Training Program

Many companies simply neglect training and it is extremely important. Make sure you have a successful training program that will make the working tasks clear to your new employees. The less formal approach at first will give your employees the opportunity to adapt easily.

7. Make an Evaluation

Do not give too much work to your employees, especially in the beginning. And still, make an evaluation of your employees’ skills and achievements in order to show them you care.

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