How To Deal With People’s Negative Attitude

We all have met people who like to complain about their life all the time. They believe everything around them is awful: the weather is awful, they’d talk about that the fact they didn’t sleep well the night before, or that they ate something which tasted awful, or how the bus was late, or they’d tell you all about their health problems. How to deal with those people who like to burden us with all their personal troubles?

It is isn’t easy working with such a person. It is even harder for those of us who have a positive attitude. We start feeling like something is suppressing us or like our energy is running out. This is why it is very important to learn how to communicate with people who have negative attitude, because otherwise they can influence us negatively.

First of all, you will have to try and understand the reasons for their negativity. There are many possible reasons. Maybe the person hates his job or they might be having family issues. Another problem could be a low self-esteem. If you find out the reason for their negative attitude towards life, you might find it easier dealing with them. Unfortunately, you should have in mind that there are also people who believe that nobody will listen to them if they don’t cry or complain about their life.


If you see the particular negative person approaching you and if they start sharing away their negative emotions, you don’t have to answer – all you have to do is smile. Try to find a reason to move out of their reach. Usually, those negative people look for an opposing reaction or seeking for a good listener, but turn into one, because if you do so, in a few minutes you might feel like all your energy and happiness are drained out of you.

Show them your Positive Attitude

If they already made you listen to something negative, ask them if you can take the turn and share something happy and positive. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that all they have inside of them is negative energy. Your request for sharing something positive can show them that they have went too far with their complaining. If you are dealing with a true pessimist, they will stop bothering you with their complaints, because they will know that you have a permanent positive attitude, which they won’t be able to bear.

Bright Light

Negative people take away from your energy, and because of that, it is necessary to imagine that you are surrounded by bright light, which is protecting you from everything negative. Bright light can be used as a mirror which reflects the negative energy back to the person who is sending it.

From Negative to Positive

If a negative person starts complaining about anything, you should start a conversation and try to persuade them that people love and appreciate them. In other words – try to find a positive response to any negative statement.

You have No Fault

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t feel guilty because of someone’s negative attitude about life. It’s not even worth the energy to try and help them, because their main purpose is to drain your energy. But if you really want to – you can try. Just don’t waste your time if you see that they are hopeless. The best solution is to avoid them, but sometimes you will need to face them with you best positive attitude.

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