Ebooks: A Convenient Way Of Learning

Reading is the simplest and most efficient way for human beings to derive knowledge about a particular topic from a source. And books are the best destination for reading and gaining knowledge. And now to this human tendency has been digitized into eBooks. Have you ever had a thought of creating a huge library with lots of books in it, and all this without spending a penny? Sounds next to impossible, right! But today it is quite possible, that too very easily. Today almost all books are freely available on the web, from novels to academic books. Free electronic books or commonly known as eBooks are available in almost any subject that you can think of. From romantic novels to books related to computer technology, free eBooks web is available for all of them.

Best Sites for eBooks:

Ebooks: A Convenient Way Of Learning

Today there are hundreds of sites available for fee eBooks. These sites provide a wide range of eBooks. They include the great work of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, computer technology, science and the list goes on and on. These sites allow the users to download the eBooks free of cost and keep them forever with them. Some of the best known sites for free eBooks have been listed below:

  • FreeBookSpot: This site has a free download for 4485 eBooks that ranges in 96 categories.

  • 4eBooks: This site has a wide collection of eBooks on computer programming. Each eBook has a related description and review which makes it easy for the user to select the right book.

  • Free-eBooks: This site has a great and wide collection of fun and entertaining books. It also has impressive fiction and nonfiction sections.

  • ManyBooks.net: The best thing about this site is it provides reviews, recommendations and titles from its users for the various eBooks. It also had a wide range of categories of eBooks.

  • Project Gutenberg: This is probably the most renowned site for free eBooks. It provides eBooks in various formats for iPhone, iPad, Nook, Kindle and many more.

Formats Available for eBooks:

Today various formats of eBooks are available for different devices. Free eBooks are now available in various formats which can be easily supported by devices like kindle, nook, iPad and many others. Some of the formats are AZW, AZW1, KF8, MOBI, PDB, free PDFs and many others. The most common as well as popular eBook formats are EPUB, AZW, LIT, PDF, ODF and MOBI.

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