Common Myths Regarding Cloud Computing

Common Myths Regarding Cloud ComputingWhile the cloud is a popular form of computing, which is now embraced by thousands of small and large businesses, there are still a number of misconceptions surrounding the topic. When you begin to utilize the cloud for your business purposes, it is important to understand exactly what the cloud is, however, even more important to understand what it is not.

The following list provides the truths about the cloud and the facts that have led to the myths that have emerged.

It is Not a Place

There are some businesses that regard their move to the cloud in the same way they would move their office to a new city or location. The fact is that you do not need to think of the cloud in a physical manner. The cloud can actually be anywhere, for example in your data centre or a third party. Put simply, the cloud is an efficient and agile method of consuming delivering and implementing IT services.

It is Not Lock-In

The cloud is all about flexibility. There is no need for a business to be locked into an all in one solution. Instead they should have the ability to choose the networking, hardware, virtualisation and storage solutions that best meet their needs and requirements. The no lock in, open architecture of the cloud is what will allow businesses the ability to run several hypervisors, adopt a variety of storage topologies and networking and support various industry standards.

It is Not a Server Virtualisation

While server virtualisation may be an important part of a cloud, it is not a component that is required. There are some cloud organizations that have implemented cloud services without it.

 It is Not an Island

There are still many businesses that feel as though they must decide either/or when it comes to public and private clouds. The fact is that a hybrid cloud approach provides the very best of both private and public cloud technologies, while still offering the full access, flexibility and interconnectivity that businesses desire.

There is no question that there are some organizations that are still struggling to understand the many benefits and advantages that can be delivered by the cloud. But, the cloud is definitely real and ready for use immediately. While there are many businesses who fully understand the concept of the cloud and what it has to offer, there are far too many who have yet to embark on a new path with this technology.

 If you are considering switching to the cloud in terms of hosting, specialists are ready to help you make this journey. The advantages and benefits that come with the switch will be well worth the minimum effort that it requires. When you understand exactly what the cloud is and is not, you will also clearly see the benefits that it has to offer.

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