Benefits Of Hosted Exchange

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Hosted exchange solutions offer an email platform that keeps the tedious server maintenance out of the office, thereby enhancing employee productivity. The average computer user may not understand the technical specifications of hosted exchange versus a traditional in-house server, but can understand the benefits of switching to a hosted model not only for the overworked tech gurus in the IT department, but for themselves as well.

General Benefits

Hosted solutions offer many benefits over dedicated email servers. Those most employees will appreciate include:

  • Access Anywhere:

Hosted systems offer anywhere, anytime access and often support mobile devices better than in-house systems. If you travel frequently for work, telecommute or like to check in on the weekends, streamlined and device-independent email access makes a big difference.

  • Complete Package of Apps:

With hosted systems, businesses can add on other needed applications, such as calendaring, contacts and to-do lists. Compared to traditional systems, which offer standalone products for each function, hosted systems increase productivity by putting much-needed applications together.

  • Sync Across Devices:

Hosted systems push email to all the devices you’ve connected: Your home computer, your work computer and your smartphone, for example. Find the emails you need easier and without having to log on to a specific device to view them.

  • Enhanced Spam Filtering:

When spam finds its way into your inbox, productivity delays and frustration soon follow. Hosted systems provide enterprise-level spam filtering and virus protection, so that you can be busy and productive — not stuck with the busywork of deleting junk email.

  • Reduced Cost:

Since hosted exchange pricing covers maintenance, upgrades and system monitoring, the business does not have to pay for these expenses out of pocket. For small businesses, this can save on initial costs and delay the hiring of a multi-person IT staff. For large businesses, existing IT staff members can devote their time to other projects that may have been sitting on the back burner.

  • Efficient Customer Service:

Access fast, friendly customer service through ticketing, chat, email or telephone. The host has the resources and staff power to quickly troubleshoot your email problems.

  • Easy to Install:

If you’re dreading making the switch from a dedicated email server to a hosted solution, stop worrying. It’s easy to implement the hosted system and the switch won’t be painful for employees.

Services, pricing, customer support and capacity vary across hosted exchange systems. Learn more about different hosted options, pricing and services to determine which option best meets your needs. Some hosts may offer free trial periods that allow you to explore the user interface, settings and implementation of a system.

With employees spending so much time answering emails, businesses need a solution that allows employees to maximize efficiency, connect to complementary applications to schedule appointments and meetings and make the most of their time in the office. Not only is a hosted model less expensive over time than maintaining an in-house server, it increases productivity and ease of use. Once you make the switch, you may find yourself wondering why it took so long.