5 Tips For Using Social Media Profiles To Personally Connect To Customers

Your social media profiles are ideal mediums for connecting with customers and others, and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny! You can use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media networks to make meaningful connections with existing as well as potential customers, and you can even improve your business’s online reputation in the process!

Read on for some tips about using your social media profiles to reach out and connect with your clients (or potential customer base).

5 Tips For Using Social Media Profiles To Personally Connect To Customers

Easier Than Email

Although you should continue using email marketing campaigns, posts on your profiles at social media networks can sometimes be just as effective. The reason is, the message will reach a unique audience. Plus, sending a message via Twitter, Facebook, or another social media platform is quick and easy.

Use this technique in addition to your email marketing efforts to really give yourself an edge when it comes to communicating a message to your customers.

Contribute in a Meaningful Way

Social networks are designed for socializing, even if you are a business with a purpose in mind. This forces you to consider the content that you add to the site. In other words, adding a straight sales pitch is not recommended. Instead, you should contribute to conversations in a meaningful way.

Use the concept of “give in order to receive.” This helps ensure that your content will be shared and more people will read your messages.

When sharing content, ask yourself: Will this article, picture, video, etc., help and/or inform your customer, or will it be seen as a nuisance? If you think you may be bugging your social media connections by posting whatever it is you were planning on posting, don’t hit that “Enter” key.

Be Involved

The most successful social media accounts are those that are actively involved. That is, account owners visit the sites often and make posts frequently. They reach out to the community and get involved with conversations. They respond quickly to comments and messages — and in a polite, professional way.

All of this helps with business branding and more.

Be Personal

Social media sites are the perfect place to let the personal side of your business shine. This is an opportunity to post images and messages about new business developments, services, and products.

Note: While we want you to get personal, we don’t want you to get too personal. Restrain yourself and don’t post a million photos of your new nephew or niece — even if it’s the cutest baby you’ve ever seen.

Customer Service

Many times, customers use social media sites as platforms to share feedback about services and products they have purchased. When you monitor and respond to these comments promptly, you can help protect the real-world online reputation of your business.

For instance, if there is a complaint about a service or product, a quick response will demonstrate that your business really does care about its customers. And if you’re able to fix the issue, then your excellent customer service skills are posted on your profile for everyone to see.

5 Tips For Using Social Media Profiles To Personally Connect To Customers

Final Thoughts

Social media networks are very useful tools that can help you take your business to the next level. As you gain insights into what your target audience wants and needs, your audience learns more about your business and what makes it special.

Connecting with customers in this way tends to create unique relationships; the bonds seem to feel more intimate than typical business-customer relationships. In fact, these connections usually lead to increased trust and long term loyalty. Social media marketing is definitely worthwhile.

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