Why I Will Always Keep BlackBerry Phone

People are going crazy for iPhone and galaxy and it seems that these are only cell phone left in the world. However, what is surprising for me is that why people are not opting for other companies that are producing even better phones. One of the top brand selling cell phones is BlackBerry. For me, BlackBerry is the brand, which I can never think to switch. I used iPhone 4 and Galaxy s3 for few months, but it did not worked due to so much complications in use.

While all phones of BlackBerry are simply amazing and hence you will love any set you pick up of this brand. If you use any BlackBerry phone for few months, no other phone will gave you the satisfaction that you can derive from BlackBerry phone. Here are some top qualities of BlackBerry that will persuade you every time to buy this brand:

BB Pin

BB pin is a number that is the identity of your BlackBerry phone. Through this pin, it is easy to keep the track of your friends and other BlackBerry users. A simple messenger can help you to easily connect with other people. This innovative messenger started when no other cell phones were offering such services. However, know you might be able to find such applications in iPhone but this messenger is quite reliable and free of errors.

Big Keyboard

It has remained common perceptions that touch screens are very typing friendly. However, touch screen varies from company to company and hence you might not get used to touch screen easily. On the other hand, keyboard of BlackBerry is very easy to use and it looks very elegant as compared to Smartphone. It helps to keep control of typing and do not effect typing speed as well. The soft keyboards on Smartphone gave the problem of typing error (as the keys are very near to each other). While BlackBerry keyboard is soft yet reliable to use. I have even compared my typing speed with my iPhone friends and there is no noticeable difference.

Red Light

The Red light of BlackBerry helps you to know about some unread message, miscall, email etc. This has proved to be savior to many people as it helps the user to keep the record of accomplishment of miscalls or emails conveniently. Many other phones do not have such facility. They do give you vibration on silent mode if you get some email or message. However, you have to unlock in order to check if there is any call or message.

Fast Operating System

The operating system of BlackBerry phone is fast and it makes use of social media network and applications very easy. The BlackBerry operating system do not proves heavy on your cell phone and hence you can send message and connect to sites within no time.

Battery Timings

BlackBerry has comparatively much higher battery timing as compared to iPhone or Galaxy. These two top Smartphone give you very small battery timing if you use the applications and internet on them. However, BlackBerry is much better in this respect. You can easily run your phone for two days if you are using it normally and you do not have to bear the tension of charging after small time.

Brand Appeal

No, matter how advanced and expensive Galaxy and iPhone gets, they cannot take the place of BlackBerry. It is considered as the phone of the corporate people and hence the elegance of these phones can never be understated. BlackBerry has its own class. Keeping the standard in terms of price and quality, BlackBerry has emerged as a brand, which many cell phone manufacturing companies can only dream.

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