Smart move – Top Four Music Apps To Liberate Your Smartphone

There used to be a time when a phone was just a phone a gadget you would use to talk to other people and just communicate. Today, the phone, sorry the smart phone has taken over, it is like the iPod when it hit, and people knew that the world had been taken over by a device. Even without trying, the smart phones available are already impressive, just the look leaves you in awe. They are designed as touch and hepatic key phones, which are mostly QWERTY. What this means is that you are comfortable typing on your phone as well as your laptop or personal computer. is a website dedicated to improve your smart phones ability to play, control and download music.

Smart phones come with an abated ability to play mp3-download  music. Most of them have this as their selling points because of how much music has overtaken the world. You will find phones having beats by Dre headphones so that the clients enjoy their music to the maximum. They also come with enough space to allow you to down load music for your smartphone and other services. The best music apps in the market include:

1.      SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an application that can be installed on your smart phone to help you as an artist to post and upload your music for other people to listen and rate it. You can also give people the opportunity to download the music if they want to. As an aspiring artist or just someone who wants to express themselves, the SoundCloud app gives you a platform to record and upload your thoughts and expressions. You can also use SoundCloud to follow your icons such as movie stars, singers, and songwriters where you are able to listen to their music or broadcasts.

2.      Shazam

Shazam is a major improvement on an earlier app known as track id, what shazam does is it uses what you have given it and helps you figure out what you are looking for. For example if you know a song and not the singer, Shazam will help you find the song and the singer and you can comfortably download. It is a free application with the only downside being the presence of advertisements, which can be a source of pain. However, Shazam would be a good app to have for any lover of music.

3.      Pandora

If it is your dream to own a radio station one day, then Pandora is an app that can give you a feel of what it means to program one. It is based on the theory where you create a play list of all the songs you like and you can even rate the music using thumbs up and thumbs down on the app. There are two versions of Pandora, the free ware and the paid software, of course those who pay get more that those who do not.

4.      Spotify

Spotify works the same way as Pandora by helping you create a radio station or several  of them on your smartphone. This helps you ‘switch programs’ when you need to have different music.

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