Servers Made For You – How To Choose One

Servers are the heartbeat of technology today. When you finally decide that you need a server, it is important to do your homework or consult someone who has information on the types of servers available in the market. Visiting server sites such as will help you decide on the right type of server to suit your needs. You will need to acquire all the information you need about servers. This saves you from unscrupulous business people who might give you something that is not what you are looking for. You therefore need to familiarize yourself with the terms and procedures of a server

The kind of server you need is predominantly determined by the number of users you will have for the server. You need to know what exactly the server will be used for, will it be dominantly for office data or for other functions such as printing, scanning and hosting the intranet. What type of hardware will you need? Visit a site like to learn more about dedicated web hosting servers, or to learn about the different types of servers available. The information you get on these sites will be crucial for you.

You will have enough info to decide whether you want to embrace new server technologies or stick to the old one. The good thing is that they offer the same services. Most people agree that there are basically three considerations when you want to buy or decide on a server. These considerations include:

  • What kind of hardware are you looking for?

Hardware configurations are varied and are sometimes tailor made to suit your server needs. Different people need different servers or server configuration. The hardware here includes the Central processing unit, the random access memory, the power unit, and the hard drive space. Depending on the work you do, or the amount of data you have to save, memory and speed will be you biggest asset. If you have enough hard disk memory, it will have to be complemented by the correct amount of Random Access Memory; it does not make sense to have a computer that has enough memory for data storage and poor RAM because it means you will have a hard time saving, accessing and using the data.

  • What type of server are you looking for?

Forgetting the either application of the server, which is dedicated or web hosted, physically servers are grouped as Racked, Tower or blade. These three categories are grouped according to how they look. The tower servers as the names suggest look like towers but contrary to what you might believe, they take up a very small space. They are the size of a desktop computer.

Rack servers are servers that are stacked together; that is they are put one on top of the other to save space. They can be different types of servers and are most of the time used by small enterprises that need to save on space but need a lot of data space and accommodation of big workloads.

Blade servers are thin and are most recommended if you want to save space in your company. they can have large data space and the size should not deceive you.

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