Developing Windows 8 App Store

Welcome to the new Windows 8 app world store. Today we will some latest app launched by Windows 8 Store. The app is continuously growing day by day. By survey it has been found that the ratio of between free apps and paid apps is of 3:1.But it has one negative thing that there apps are not updated from time to time. Here I list some of the free and paid Apps of Windows 8 Store.

1. Video Games

This application provide you information about popular video games which include its trailer and cheat codes, information about how to complete mission and equipment and many more thrilling views about games. It seems to focusing on games for Xbox 360 or for play station rather than for PC. Its disadvantage is its contents are not updated time to time, and now user has started complaining about the lack of updates.

2. Health Vault

It is an Application by the Microsoft which provides services to users is to access and share health related information from the website or through one of the available apps from Windows Store. Through these apps the user can track all his health related information or can use this app to manage his weight or track your exercise or diets, it is made for everyone including family member as well.

3. Picasa HD

It’s another application that provides image services of Google to windows 8 in form of an app. For using this application you must have compulsory Google account without it you can’t operate it. While starting these apps 1st you will be asked to sign in to your Google account. Once you have signed in to your Google account you can access to its feature like browsing or displaying image, etc. It supports live tiles, images and album search and not only these but you can share your images with other through using Windows 8 built in sharing capabilities.

4. Serene

SERENE offers you with custom sounds which you can play in background while use is working or relaxing. Its advantage is that you can modify your further hearing song through these application. When you will launched this app you will see 5-6 slides will be displayed in which you can change the volume of particular sound as well its probability. But for these app they will charge about $ 2.99 so it’s not free.

5. 8 Tracks Radio

It is also known as Internet Radio Station where it provides you with more than 600,000 mix tapes. It displays a list of hit songs so that a User can listen it individually or User can add his favorite hit songs to his playlist and can listen music continuously by streaming.

6. Ease US File Manager

Ease US File Manager is another type of app installed in windows 8.It provides you with view of full screen for those who want to take closer look while operating file manager.

It displays all your common, favorite and recent folders which you used daily on the start screen so that you can easily browse with one touch on folder. It includes all basic function like copying, moving, sorting files and deleting unwanted folders of the system.

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