Data Protection at whether Google penalizes its privacy policy

The Internet giant makes five contraventions of LOPD, punishable by fines of 40,001 euros to 300,000 euros by the lack of proportionality in the treatment of data and the absence of specific purposes

Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) has opened disciplinary proceedings to Google for its new privacy policy after finding the existence of various trace infracción.Según reported Thursday AEPD, the lack of clear information, the absence for specific purposes for various services, the disproportionate treatment of user data or data retention indefinite or unreasonable are some of these signs.

Google, meanwhile, has been reported in a statement that its privacy policy “European law abiding” and allows them to create services “more effective”. “We are fully committed to the authorities concerned with this process and will continue to be enjoined” he assured. The beginning of this disciplinary proceeding by the AEPD comes after investigations have allowed to verify the possible commission of six offenses-five of them serious and slight- of the Data Protection Act .

Confirmed the five serious violations, and Google Inc. Google Spain would face a fine of between 40,001 and 300,000 euros and 40,001 euros 900 to test if the minor offense. With this, the Agency aims to clarify whether the combination of data from various services complies with the guarantees of information to users and if the aims and proportionality for which information is used legitimate data processing.

Also, consider whether the retention periods and options for users to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition comply with the Data Protection Act. Specifically, the AEPD has found that Google “does not clearly informed about the use you will make of the data it collects from users, so they can not know precisely what ends justify the collection of personal data and the use to be made of them. “

Treatment “disproportionate”

It also notes that it is possible that Google may combine personal information from one service to the other and use it for other purposes in the framework of unifying privacy policies. For the Agency, ” the absence of information from Google might involve data processing was performed illegitimate “.

It also believes that the company could be doing treatment “disproportionate” to the user data, since in its privacy policy warns that the data collected can be used without restriction in all services, present and future.

Google-states-agency might be maintaining the user data indefinitely or unjustified . The law states that personal data must be canceled once they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected, while Google “keeps them beyond these limits.”

Tools ‘scattered’

The AEPD also examines whether the exercise of rights by users is “hampered and even prevented” because the tools offered by the company are “scattered, are not available to all users, are incomplete and appear with names not always correspond to the matter in question. “

In April, the AEPD agreed start of this research in the framework of a coordinated action with the Data Protection Authorities of Germany, France, Holland, Italy and the UK . Google changed its privacy policy and terms of use of most of its services in March 2012.

Appreciated the European Authorities last October breaches European rules on data protection and the company sent a document with recommendations indicating how to comply with the law, giving a run for it without Google offered “satisfactory answer” to these demands.

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