Apple Applications Rewarded With The Best Designs

After presenting the new version iOS yesterday, the company could see the apps for mobile platform highlighted in “design, technology and innovation.”

Apple ships annually the Apple Design Awards (Awards Apple design) in its conference for developers. Yesterday, after making known the news for iOS, OS X and your Mac and MacBook, the company started to reward the design of mobile applications in a separate event.

This time, Apple distinguished eleven applications that are distinguished not only for its design but also by its ability to innovate.

Apple Applications Rewarded With The Best Designs

The app for iPad Together WWF (WorldWide Fund for Nature) for his “outstanding attention to detail, beautiful aesthetics and incredible sound design and music”, as well as for its typography and photography of high resolution, which allows users to zoom in animals.

Another app for iPad was awarded Procreate, “full art studio to reach” an artistic app with different types of brushes, strokes, and tools to make digital artworks.

Badland, available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, is an adventure game primarily distinguished by their sound “immersive” for its intuitive controls and balanced game mode offered.

Yahoo! Weather is another winning. Designed for iPhone and iPad, the app won the award for its clear and simple interface, and for its “beautiful visual design.” Apple notes that the app has an excellent layout and typography, and clear icons and speed when processing information.

Letterpress, iPhone and iPad, is a game that stands out for its simple interface, simple gestures and subtle animations.

Ridiculous Fishing, one of the winners, is a game for iPhone and iPad that Apple awarded for providing entertainment “only” created a retro style game.

The game Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders was created for iPhone, iPad and Mac was noted for the design of the graphics and sound, and special effects to recreate weather events, among others.

Evernote, the digital release service, was honored by Apple for the wide range of possibilities offered to users of Mac, iPhone and iPad, in addition to its interface optimized for Retina display.

Coda 2 is a code editor, and includes various features for developers, has an interface whose size can be adjusted and shows an innovative organization and customizable. is the other winning student app by Apple. It was developed by students at MIT for iPhone and iPad. The app allows two or more devices with IOS show the different sections of the same picture to form, together, a single image.

Finish was the winning application in the student category. The application was developed by a student at a high school in Colorado, United States, which is intended to allow users to create lists of tasks to do considering the time when they should be conducted. It is available for iPhone.

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