Top 5 Classifieds Online

Around 2012 to 2013, there have been a lot of online classified sites that make products and services closer to the public. With hundreds of online classified sites, it becomes difficult to identify the most credible ones; nevertheless, there are top sites that you can visit for a free as well as safe online shopping experience. For sellers or businesses, these sites are also identified as having high ranks in search engine sites giving you more access to millions of possible customers.

Most of the top advertisement sites cater to large countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, Europe, Pakistan, India, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and certain sites in Asia. If you are in Egypt, Dubizzle Egypt Classifieds offers a wide range of real estate, properties, cars, items and other products as well as jobs for job seekers. It is a top site in Egypt so local business can make the most out of their ads at dubizzle. For the top online classified sites, they cater to local as well as international consumers and deliver items and goods from sellers all over the world.

In today’s internet society, online advertising not only helps sellers advertise their products, but it has also become one of the top internet marketing tools for online businesses. Online advertising becomes an instant traffic generator that helps marketers, bloggers and marketers promote their site.

Some sites may require a one step registration for both sellers and buyers and some may allow you to directly post free ads. Most of the sites are also free to use giving you more access. To help you identify the top classifieds online, the following are the top ten classified ads in the internet based on Google PR, Alexa rank, number of visitors and popularity:

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a top site used for posting and looking for jobs, personal services, products sales and others. They allow posting of free ads and is relatively easy to use and monitor.

  1. Olx

Olx is another top online site for buyers and sellers. Olx has coverage all over the world and you can easily browse through products or post ads in your own city or country making you more accessible to local as well as international consumers.

  1. Gumtree

Gumtree is a free classified site in UK and has been the top online site in Europe as well.

  1. ClickIndia

The online classifieds in India has been gaining continuous popularity as evidenced by the position of ClickIndia in the overall classified ads online.

  1. eBayclassifieds

eBay is also continuously rising as a free online classifieds site. eBay has even expanded to having their own payment method through PayPal to cater to their online customers better.

Using online classified ads gives you better visibility to the public. Publicize your own product or services in the best international sites, but also make use of your local classified sites for faster results. For buyers, enrich your buying experience by trying these top sites, but also look into local sites if you want a firsthand encounter with the product or service before purchasing them.

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