Looking For Private Tutors – Everything You Need To Know

Increasing your child’s academic performance by giving him one-on-one attention through private tuition is an appealing idea. How many of you can recall school days and list out few teachers whom you cherish even today? Yes! This might take few minutes but will help you give a clear picture of what all made you remember them through so many years and the same you should look into your child’s tutor.

The abilities and skills of a tutor forms the basis of your child likes towards the subject. The tutor can either make him fall for the subject or fall off the subject. So which one you want? I leave it completely up to you!

We know in today’s busy life, none of us have so much time to give to small decisions but finding a good private tutor is not a small matter. Rather your child’s carrier is dependent on it. So while making this decision, keep the following points in mind and don’t let yourself tempted by easy choices.

Here are 8 steps that you can follow while looking for a private tutor:

Let Your Child Be the Decision Maker:  Discuss with your child the subjects for which you will hire the tutor. Do ask about his/her weaknesses and expectations from the tutor. Note down the scary thoughts of your child and help sorting them out later.

Schedule the Timings: Don’t make a boredom routine for the child and make him/her quite sports or reduce their playing time. Rather try to re-schedule the timings and make sure that the child is able to manage his studies along with his hobbies.

Prefix Meeting With The Tutor: There is no harm in choosing the test class or trial class option. Ask the person you want to hire to just give one or two trial session to your child. Meet that person beforehand and discuss with him all the points your child had mentioned earlier. Keeping in mind about the tutors qualifications, skills and method of teaching, short list the one you want to have trial with first.

Review Your Child’s Thoughts: After the trial session, ask your child how he/she found the tutor? Was the session interesting enough? Did the tutor answer all the questions of your child? Is your child understanding clearly the pattern and lessons taken up in free session by the tutor?

Use Various Strategies To Keep Record:  Do not quit the responsibility off your shoulders by hiring one tutor? Even if you come back late in evening, make sure to spend some time with your child and keep a note of what all lessons were covered in everyday session. On weekends, give some extra time to help prepare your child the study material. Do some quizzing with the child on the whole week topics and then revive in a friendly manner.

Reading Your Child’s Cues: This is very important. When you find your child is bored of with the method being acquired by the tutor, kindly have a word with the tutor and make sure the further sessions are more interesting. Take your child on a weekend break and make him feel all the more enthusiastic on Monday again.

Keep Records: Make sure that school tests are being recorded in your diary to compare and see the growth chart of your child’s academic response. Talk to the school teacher and ask if any change or betterment is noticed in your child.

Healthy Environment: At home, try to avoid the distractions like high television sound, guests at the time of tuition hour, other small children in house playing when the one is studying etc. Give a warm, quiet environment to your child and the tutor and see the marked difference in his/her performance.

All the above points are mandatory and each has its own importance in one or the other way. So ignore none, and be a good parent. Find the best home tutors for your child and make his presence more countable in this competitive world.

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