List of 5 Latest Digital Cameras in India 2013

Canon IXUS 255 HS

Top 5 latest digital cameras

Photography is popular with many people, whether they’re professionals, enthusiasts or they just want to take a few good holiday snaps. There are cameras to suit every photographer, but how do you know which one you should choose? Specs and technical stuff can get confusing to someone who’s new to the subject, so to help you out a little, here’s a list of five of the best digital cameras which are new to the scene.

Samsung WB250F


The Samsung WB25OF is a great camera for novice photographers, especially due to its price, because it provides some amazing features allowing you to take photographs to a professional standard without having to break the bank. It offers an impressive 18x zoom so it’s great for wildlife and sports photography, and with built in wi-fi and a touch sensitive screen with simple controls, you’ll find that this camera makes everything easy, from the initial shooting of an image to sharing it online. Movies offer clear, crisp sound.

Samsung WB250F india

Samsung NX300

Samsung NX300


The Samsung NX300 is easy to use with simple controls and a large touch sensitive screen. Shooting images is made easy by the movable screen which enables you to take photos comfortably from more interesting angles. The hinges on the screen are strong and because it is an AMOLED screen, you’ll be able to see it clearly even in bright sunlight. This camera’s main selling point is that it’s a speed machine – Samsung reckon you can turn it on and shoot a focused image within 0.08 seconds. With the built-in wi-fi, you can also upload images online easily. To complete your bundle, this camera comes with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


Nikon Coolpix S01


The Nikon Coolpix S01 is probably the tiniest digital camera you will have come across. It is the most portable camera out there, being smaller than a credit card, with about the same thickness as an AA battery. However, despite its size, it’s surprisingly easy to grip, so you don’t need to worry about dropping it. It has a touch screen measuring 2.5 inches. The camera produces very detailed images with excellent colour reproduction. Possibly the best thing about this camera is its price tag, at around £100.

Nikon Coolpix S01

Canon IXUS 255 HS


The Canon IXUS 255 HS is a great camera for novices, with easy to use controls and built-in wi-fi. It offers a 10x zoom function so it’s great for wildlife shots, and the minimum focus distance is 1cm, so you can take some amazing macro shots, too. Image quality is great and if you’re shooting a movie you can block out the wind using the wind shutter feature.

Canon IXUS 255 HS

Fujifilm FinePix SL1000


This is one of the best cameras for wildlife photographers in terms of its zoom function, which can zoom up to 50 times, providing incredibly clear images the whole time. The lens is electronically controlled, and the screen is movable, making it really easy to shoot from interesting angles. This camera records raw files as well as JPEGs. Providing some of the features you would get from a top-end DSLR, this camera is incredibly modestly priced.

Fujifilm FinePix SL1000 india coupons

There are cameras to suit everyone’s needs and budgets, but if you want a camera with more functionality, then you’re probably going to end up paying more for it. However, fear not, because even if you can’t find a suitable camera within your budget, you can still try to make it easier on your bank account by searching online for discount coupons first, as these will help to knock off some of the price. These coupons are changing all the time so you never know what kind of deal you could get your hands on.

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