How To Ace an Interview For A Business Analyst!

The role of a business analyst has become extremely important in today’s environment where every business wants to be a step ahead of their competitor. A business analyst can help a business in achieving this goal and maximizing its resources in the most effective way. This is because an analyst observes the company’s operations and management and highlights the problems associated with it. Then, they offer practical solutions for expurgating these problems from the system. Business analysis has become a successful career prospect nowadays and is in great demand.

The job of a business analyst is holistic, as well as technical. On one hand, a business analyst should be capable of using specific tools for the purpose of addressing various technical issues. On the other hand, a business analyst should have the ability of viewing the business as a whole as well. This reality will always be reflected by the interview questions posed to an analyst when they are being interview for a job. The questions are focused on each step of the business analysis process. Knowing the answer to the questions can help people in acing their interview.

Here are some of the common business analyst interview questions and answers:

What is a flow chart and why it is important: Symbols and diagrams are used by a flowchart for showing a complete system. It is important because with its use, it becomes easy for developers and concerned people to grasp the workings of the system.

What is use case model: The stream of actions and the sequence of events that are performed by an analyst are portrayed through a use case model.

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How an Activity diagram is helpful: Activity diagrams are related to system activities. The activity diagram shows the different activities that are taking place in the various departments of an organization.

Name the two documents involved in use case: SDD or System Design Document and FRD or Functional Requirement document are the two documents used in use case.

Highlight the difference between a business analyst and a business analysis: Business analysis is the process that’s performed by a business analyst.

What documents have you created at your previous job: Use Case Diagram, Business Requirement Documents, Technical Specification documents and Functional Specification Documents are some of the things that I have made.

What are the common tools that a business analyst uses: The tools used by an analyst can vary depending on the job and needs of the clients, but some common tools include MS Word, Power Point, and MS Excel, Test director MS Project / Quality tester, MS Visio and Rational tools.


What steps are performed for using an idea to develop a product: The steps that need to be performed include analyzing the market and competitors, doing SWOT analysis, personas, identifying the vision and goal, prioritizing features, making use cases, Storyboards and SDLC, testing and monitoring and also scalability check.

These business analyst interview questions and answers are part of a job interview for an analyst and should be answered properly to land the job.

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