Going Green With Web Hosting – The Future Is Here

When you are using great web hosting services from reputable providers such as serverclub.com it is unlikely that you pay attention to the environment. However, it is important to realize that the World Wide Web operates on electricity. If it were not for electricity, you would not be reading this in formation. You would probably be sitting down in front of a fireplace trying to read a newspaper under the dim light. Millions of websites across the world provide instant news and information from one corner of the globe to the other. These severs require huge amounts of electricity to function smoothly.

Facts about web host servers’ energy consumption

Each month popular web hosts pay thousands of dollars on their electricity bills. In the last five years, energy consumption by web hosts worldwide has doubled. In fact, according to various watchdog organizations, this energy consumption will continue to double every five years. However, at the rate things are going, it may begin to double within less than those five years. For instance, web 2.0 features such as videos, streaming TV, VoIP and others are necessary in many websites. These features increase the use of power significantly. It is clear that as the web grows in features and size, there will be more demand for electricity. If this continues for several decades to come, it will take a significant toll on the environment and endanger the human survival. This fact has led many web hosts to seek alternative means for running their systems.

Green hosting

An effective and permanent solution to the rising demand of electricity is green hosting. This is the use of green energy to power web hosting systems in data centers. Many web-hosting companies are now using green technologies aimed at reducing their demand for electricity that coal and gas-fired power plants generate. These companies are now realizing that green energy is an inevitable option as tons of air-borne pollutants continue to be pumped into the air an energy costs increase.

Already, people have begun feeling the effects of electricity. For instance, in New York, residents are being asked to turn off their air conditioner during the hottest days of the summer season. Some other major cities have begun experiencing scheduled blackouts as the some energy grids are shut down for some time.

What green hosting means for consumers

Web host companies are not the only ones that benefit from implementing green technologies in their systems. As aforementioned, by using green energy, web hosts will be able to lower their monthly energy bills significantly. This will trickle down to you the client. You will be able to pay less for web hosting services. In turn, you will be able to charge less expensive for your products and services. Some of the great alternatives to electricity that these companies are using include wind power, solar energy, hydroelectric, and deep core earth energy. The implementation of green energy in web host systems is certainly something to consider when looking for a credible web host. These sites require services to make web hosting affordable so that webmasters can make the sites visible to users.


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