Five Reasons You Should Own a PAYG SIM

If you’re in a conundrum over whether to opt for a contract or pay-as-you-go SIM, then let us enlighten you. Whilst a contract can offer you the security and longevity of both phone and service, there are many benefits to be reaped by using a PAYG SIM. Here are some insightful snippets of information for you to consider before you opt for either.

Unlimited Texts

There are many good pay-as-you-go packages that include free unlimited texts. With just a simple top-up of the minimum network amount, many providers offer added extras to their plans. For example, giffgaff, a free SIM supplier, has ‘goodybags’ that offer unlimited text messages for as little as £7.50 a month. Needless to say, this is one of the cheapest deals on the market. Shop around and we’re sure you’ll see for yourself.

International Calls

Sometimes, a simple text and call plan is not enough. International calling is becoming increasingly more sought after. The network provider 02 offers a selection of mobile deals as well as SIM-only options. O2’s International SIM card and the O2 Unlimited tariff currently enable customers to make calls internationally at very cheap rates. For many countries, international rates start at 1p a minute. This competitive market ensures that most providers are vying to supply the best deals. O2 also offers the option of an International Extras bolt-on for some countries; depending on the country you choose and the amount of credit you opt for, you will receive a certain amount of free minutes.

Tesco Mobile also offers a way of making cheap international calls; if you have a Smartphone you can download the Tesco Calling Card app, currently you will receive £1 free credit to get yourself started. The app dials an access number initially to connect you to your destination; this number is free to call for Tesco Mobile customers. You can view the rates through the app itself or visit their site.

Unlimited Internet

It goes without saying just how much we use the internet these days. Social media, emails, a quick Google search, it’s part of our daily routines. Most of us would consider unlimited internet usage as the most important factor. You might be surprised to hear that this option isn’t just available for those signing up to a contract. PAYG SIM plans provide consumers the opportunity to enjoy such benefits, too.

The PAYG SIM packages available on the market can cater for your data needs. giffgaff’s plans, known as goodybags, are one of the cheapest and most appealing around for mobile data usage. If you purchase any of the goodybags over £12, they all include unlimited internet. This means you are only limited by fair use policies employed by all broadband and mobile internet service providers. If you don’t want any limits, or very high limits, the £20 goodybag on offer will get you 1200 free minutes as well as unlimited texts and internet, for a month.

Triple Credit

Whilst this may sound too good to be true, the notion does in fact exist. We’d all like to triple our money in any way we can, and it currently is possible to do so with your mobile phone credit and a great deal that’s available on the market. Tesco Mobile has a triple credit tariff available, which means any credit amount that you top-up by will be tripled. Along with this appealing offer they are throwing in a free bundle. You can choose one of the following: 150 minutes, 5000 texts or 500MB of internet. When there’s no fuss involved, just a top-up and talk for up to three times longer, it’s an offer not to be missed.

2 for 1 Cinema Tickets

We all enjoy receiving something for free, so when there’s an opportunity we might as well take it. With that in mind, here’s a little titbit from us to you, all for free.

Even if you are not an Orange customer, it is worth requesting a free SIM from them to take advantage of these great offers. The free Orange SIM currently enables users to receive free £5 credit when you top-up £10. However, with their Tiny Top Ups system in place, you can add a little as 10p to your balance so you’ll never be unable to make a call.
Are you a film buff keen to see the latest release on the big screen but prefer not to handover a great deal of cash to do so? Well, listen up! With your free Orange SIM you can receive 2 for 1 cinema tickets. Available on Wednesday’s only, all you need to do to take advantage of this offer is simply texting the word ‘Film’ to 241. The cost incurred is £0.35 per text. Orange sends you a text with a code that allows the customer to take advantage of two cinema tickets for the price of one. There’s nothing more to it.