Facts that Every Online Business Professional should be aware of

Ask any online expert and they’ll perhaps help you with the same piece of advice “Monitor your website and run your business successfully”. More simply, you need to make sure that your website is live and responds well when your clients try to access it. But then, things may not always go as you had expected them to go. For example, your web page can go down or crash down. Besides, there may be situations when your website experiences network issues. Initially, you may ignore the minor changes, but if left unattended for a prolonged time span your website can be in serious trouble. You may even lose your business because of severe downtime issues.

Why Implement a Monitoring Plan?

If your website is your sole bread earner, then ensure that it runs well without any interruptions. Taking up the manual task to monitor your website is extremely tedious. Instead, you may choose website monitoring solution providers like Monitor Scout to cater to your needs. While monitoring, make sure that your website is being monitored from multiple locations. We also keep a watch on different protocols including SSL, DNS, HTTP, SMTP, TCP, FTP, POP3, to name a few.

Monitor Scout for your Monitoring Needs

With new technology advancements coming up every new day, ensure choosing reliable solutions like Monitor Scout. Monitoring tools from Monitor Scout has been designed keeping pace with the modern technologies. Noted for its advanced features and cutting edge technology, Monitor Scout sends out immediate alerts when they sense that something is wrong. These alerts are send out in the form of RSS feeds, emails and SMS. Over and above, it will also provide you uptime reports on weekly or monthly basis. The best part about Monitor Scout is that it checks your website at frequent intervals; as low as one minute.

What is uptime?

Uptime is defined as the time span for which your website has been up as well as running. The uptime is generally listed in the form of a percentage; e.g. we always say 99% uptime or 99.9% uptime. However, uptime percentages are often misleading. For example, 99% uptime may sound great, however in reality it means three days of outage in a year. As a business professional, your aim should be to attain 99.999% of uptime; and to fulfill this dream ensure implementing a website monitoring plan. With the help of effective monitoring you can give your website a greater uptime.

What are the considerations for online business professionals?

Website monitoring is broadly classified into two categories, active/synthetic monitoring or passive/real monitoring. As a business professional, you can go in for any that gets along with your business. The monitoring solutions notify you immediately when they sense that there’s a technical glitch. As soon as you get the alerts make sure to resolve the issue at the earliest. The quicker you are able to resolve the issue, the better it will be for your business.

With so many solution providers round the corner, choosing a reliable monitoring solution is of utmost importance. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons before hiring a service. To ease your search further, we would recommend you to go in for website monitoring solutions from Monitor Scout.

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