5 New And Interesting Music Accessories To Have

Millions of music lovers around the global are in real sense music addicts. Downloading statistics from great sites such as www.iomoio.com proves this fact. These people cannot last a minute without listening to music. When forced to be in situations they cannot listen to their favorite tunes, these people will find themselves humming to their best tunes. If you are one of them, you know what I am talking about. Now there are cool new accessories to enhance your love of music or addiction if you like. Some of these accessories are:

 1.      Speaker Vest

If you were around in the 1990s, you probably remembered hip-hop artists walking around with a heavy boom box on their shoulders in their videos. While this may have seemed cool, the resulting should and neck muscle problems were definitely not fun. Several decades later, this trend is creeping back but with more practicality. The speaker vest has a music pumping system on the back, and has an attached durable clothing piece. This allows you to walk around enjoying the music from the system without experiencing any muscles problems. Music lovers can use this is exciting way take it to the next level.

2.      Sonic walk igniter

Do you enjoy dancing in the rain? Do you run in the morning even when it is raining? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you should seriously consider getting Sonic Walk Igniter. While you may have trained your body to enjoy or endure the rain, your iPod does not. Just one drop of rain can turn your music-playing gadget into fried electronic mess. To prevent this from happening while you are in the rain, you can use this accessory to protect your iPod. It has a lightweight so that you do not have to struggle with unnecessary weight while running.

3.      Cedar Cigar Box Powered Speakers

The cedar box powered speakers make for a great smart-living alternative to those individuals who enjoy a good cigar but worry about the effects on their health. These speakers offer you a retro look to enhance your music personality. Do not let them fool you by their look since they can pack a mean lunch. This design is timeless and tells others how much you value your music.

4.      Sound like chocolate headphones

You will admit that walking down the street with an attractive pair of headphones is cool. However, the smell that soon catches up with these headphones is not so pleasant. As a normal human being you sweat at some point during the day even when you are not doing much activity. This sweat eventually gets to your headphones and you can no longer stand them. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all that now. Sound like chocolate headphones smell like chocolate.

5.      Spin headphones

If you want a set of headphones to turn your love for music into a DJ pro, then you should get spin headphones. These headphones allow you to sample songs with one headphone and mix with the other. Hence, you are able to make your own mix using mp3 songs online while on the go.

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