5 Hidden Reasons that Can Ruin Your Blogging Efforts for Improving Online Visibility

A blog is one of the trendy ways to flourish your business presence online. So, it is not at all surprising to have high hopes when you are maintaining your blog. On the surface, a blog owner feels that she or he is really maintaining a good blog with everything in line: More users, more information, and more hits. However, at the same time, there are a few personal mistakes that are unrecognizable but are surely working more than your efforts to restrict you in your potential to achieve beyond the set targets. These are the mistakes that no one thinks about when it comes to making your blog successful SEO-wise. So, let’s take a look at these errors so that you can eradicate them to make your sincere blogging efforts win!

Targeting a Generic Outcome

Most people choose to maintain blogs just for earning money, increase sales, or improve online visibility. Now, this is something like you want to go to a mall, choose shops offering sales, and pick more branded items for your home. If you notice, the purpose in quite generic: Which brand, how many items are not known. Similarly, how many visitors per month and how much increase in sales are details that need to be specified. Remember, goals must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Reliable, and Timely). You need to exactly what you want to achieve it. A better intended outcome is 50,000 unique visitors per month with 20,000 subscribers.

Believing that Content is Enough and Highly Valuable

You are offering valuable content on daily basis, you are tweeting well, and that you are receiving good number of likes. Despite this, you are observing that neither your sales are receiving a boost nor your subscriber list is increasing. So, what’s the reason behind it? Well, it is straightforward: The content is yet not that valuable! What happens is that you think that the content is great because you have started receiving visitors on your blog. However, that content is not action-oriented to encourage the visitor to buy your product or service. Just go through your content as a customer and you will know how more enhanced your content should be! Therefore, ensure that your content is getting better and actionable with every sentence that you write!

Failing to Make Audience Lead You

This is one thing that most bloggers fail to do. A real businessman is the one who does not lead the customers, but allows the customers to lead his business. Doing so makes your visitors feel like a hero. In order to do so, you will have to first comprehend your audience very well as well as deeply. You will have to actually find out who are they, from where they are coming, what they expect, and where they wish to go. Explore them as if they are your best pals. One way to do so is to ask them by posting a poll and conducting a survey online.

Trying to Flourish all Alone

Most bloggers are of the opinion that they can prosper their business without making any connections with other top influencers in their online industry. How can they forget that business has always flourished with the help of several connections? Just with the Internet coming into the picture, this rule of thumb does not change. So, if you wish to progress, you need to get associated with others. In case of online success, the most vital people for you are other bloggers that have already fetched a lot of traffic. Therefore, start looking for such bloggers, join their blogs, and comment on their posts. Start always by helping them, instead of asking them to help you.

Bio: James White is serving an IT company as an SEO expert. He has around three years of experience in this field. James aims to become a famous personality when it comes to formulating innovative Internet Marketing/SEO strategies, similar to Eric Schiffer.

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