Telecom Distributor – Looking For The Best Name In The Business

Plenty of names exist in the telecom industry. They can be a telecom service provider, a partner, a device manufacturer or even a telecom distributor. Not all names are known as far as an end customer is concerned. For instance, if you are a business organization, you probably know only the manufacturers of devices and providers of telecom related services such as:

  • Verizon
  • Huawei
  • AT&T and
  • Other local names

But one of the more important roles that are played in the telecom industry is that of the telecom distributor. A telecom distributor is many things to many people but more importantly he is one of the most important entities when it comes to building a telecom network and facilitating the process of delivering of the right kind of solutions to the end customer. So what are the important things or facets that go into making a successful telecom distributor?


There are plenty of research firms and other industry specific experts that periodically bring about their lists of top achievers when it comes to telecom distributorships. For instance, CRN, Gartner and even government associations constantly talk about which company or telecom distributing company has made its mark in the industry. Looking for a distributor that has received multiple recognitions and awards is a great way to become aware of which company is changing the way the telecom industry works. Most of the times, such awards and recognitions are given to a distributor because he has played an important part in enhancing channel sales and market consolidation.


At the heart of a distributor’s responsibility, lies the necessity to create and sustain a network of clients, telecom companies, partners, technical experts and agents and so on. This entire network has to revolve extremely smoothly around a telecom distributor. The more successful a network is, the more successful a distributor is said to be. Ideally, a player in such a network or an ecosystem should be able to approach his distributor for every kind of query or help or resource that he seeks. This makes a successful distributor a one point reference for everything connected to the telecom industry.

 Making sense of nascent technologies

For every new technology that hits the telecom industry, there is a significant period which is known as an adoption lag. The technology has to prove itself and has to be adopted steadily and increasingly in order to be called successful. One entity that can drive better and faster adoption is a telecommunications distributor. By getting hold of details of such nascent technologies and analyzing the same and then presenting the information in an understandable format, a distributor can make it extremely simple and easy for its agents, partners and clients to adopt or at least understand new technology.

 Pricing is everything

A customer is likely to use price as one of the major criterion for decision-making when it comes to telecom related products. Therefore, every price quote has to be structured intelligently and in a manner that is relevant to the customer. There can be no hard and fast rule or template for this. A telecom distributor can help his agents and partners in structuring such a price quote

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