Photo Studio: The Best Photography Editing App So Far

I do not know how about you but I enjoy taking pictures with my smart-phone. Of course, they can’t compete with those taken with professional cameras but at the same time in day light conditions and with proper attitude you can actually get a masterpiece. But sometimes even masterpieces require certain attitude to become even more “masterpieceful” and for that matter you might be interested in Photo Studio Pro.

I literary haven’t seen this number of instruments in any android app directories list available on the Google Play. You can start making your photos better with the simplest filtering, playing with colors and contrasts, and move on to effects, magic tools, color splashes, crop, brightness and other categories. My personal favorite is color splash where with the lightest finger swipe you can turn some parts of your picture in monochromic or colorful condition. This is really useful when you want to stress on something important. Luckily, even despite a great number of editing tools, you will find out that more are still to come. For example, Frames category is still to be refreshed with new content and the app itself has almost unlimited places to be updated constantly.

All in all there are 115+ unique filters, 12 amazing effects and other magic tools that will make your pictures look amazing. And the best part – everything is more than easy to understand. No complicated menus, no stressful navigation rules – you take a picture or choose it from your gallery, use those filters and effects you like the most and save your achievements. Also, this application has something that none of the apps can offer for its users and this great feature is called “PicFrames”. It is a great helper for every dedicated mobile photographer who would like to combine a few pictures in one big photo collage. All you have to do is to open this category, pick you frame and then add pictures from the gallery. This feature can be used to tell a short story in 3-6 photos that will make sense and will tell others how great you spend your leisure. Well, you have to try it out yourself to enjoy all the beauties.

If you are not sure that this is app is exactly what you’re looking for, you can get a free version and then upgrade it to a Pro for as much as $2.  (Photo Studio PRO KVADGroup)

Jane Davies is a renewed writer and a Technology reviewer. She always looks for the best list of directories when she need to explore something useful.

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