Marketing Mix and Logo Design

An effective marketing campaign means nothing if your logo does not match the theme of your business. The advantage goes to the company incorporating brand messaging into the mix verses companies deciding their brand is second to the message. An effective marketing mix and logo design incorporates the four Ps of marketing: price, product, promotion and place.


The price of the product is a critical part of the marketing mix. This factor is even more important when looking at the logo design. Creating a logo with an extravagant color scheme and an elaborate font screams expensive. If your business tailors to the upscale customers, this type of marketing/logo design is effective. If not, you lost your core customer. Remember, pricing does not speak about the quality of the product or the effectiveness of the brand, but rather the value offered by the company.


When establishing an effective marketing campaign surrounding logo design and brand strategy, the product plays an important part of the equation. Consider the customer base you are attempting to reach, the benefit of the product to the customer, what differentiates your product from the competition and the position of the product in the marketplace.

Aside from the standard considerations, an effective balance between the marketing campaign and the logo design focuses on the overall design of the product. Is the product the selling point? Consider the quality of the product. Higher quality products tend to provide an authoritative voice in the industry. Will the product features add value to the lives of the customer base? Does the branding make customers want to buy the product?


How will you market your product? Your brand logo speaks volumes as it relates to the product and the marketing mix. You must utilize the appropriate channels to target your product and customer base. Your message loses effectiveness when you use the wrong channels. A logo with simple fonts and color schemes works better on print media verses vibrant images used primarily on television and online. And don’t forget about word-of-mouth promotion. Customers who associate with a brand are more likely to talk about the product.


Where you place your product is as important as the product itself. Customers without access to the product are less likely to engage in the product. Do not think of placement in terms of product location, but rather distribution. The distribution of your product comes in multiple formats, direct selling to the customer or selling to a vendor. Your logo plays an important part in this process. Once your brand establishes traction, the logo sells the product. For example, FedEx sells a service and the logo is recognizable across the globe.

Going outside of the box is an ideal solution to any marketing campaign, unless you are attempting to establish your brand as a leading authority in the industry. You need to utilize your logo to tell a story and convey your message. The logo design matching the theme of your business is critical to establish your business among the best in the industry.