Courses For Online Collaborative Learning

One of the fastest growing techniques in E-learning for both corporate as well as academic learning is online collaborative learning. Collaborative learning is also known as blended learning and it can be said best as a situation that three or more persons join together for learning about something. Collaborative learning is one of the hot terms in the market today and it basically describes about the learning methods. For example, if the learning process includes classroom session and online discussion, then this is called as blended or collaborated learning.

Since collaborative learning process includes three or more persons joining together for learning, responsibility should be with all persons in the group. Success is based on the hard work done by all persons in the group. There are various approaches for collaborative learning and some of them are:

1) The term learning can be said as the active process where learners will gain some knowledge and collate all information from all available sources.

2) All team members are responsible for achieving a particular target. Hence, all persons in the team are responsible for the target. Even if one person fails to do the work, then entire team has to suffer.

3) Each person should share some work and do it effectively in order to perform individual accountability.

4) Interaction is very important among the group in collaborative learning. While preparing report or similar to it, information from the entire group should be collected and all data’s have to be collated. From the collated data, report has to be prepared.

5) Appropriate usage of skills is also equally important and students should co-operate in all sessions like leadership, decision making and trust building etc.
Collaborative learning is not candidates working together for a project or course but it also explains how effectively the students are using all functions of CL (Collaborative learning). Apart from this, there are various advantages included in collaborative learning.

The following are some of the advantages included in CL and they are:

1) Students will have higher level of thinking abilities
2) It builds self confidence to the students
3) Students will get experience working with a team and get leadership skills
4) It promotes social as well as academic relationship apart from classroom sessions.

Even there are various benefits involved in collaborative learning. The main benefit is that the learners in the team will get an opportunity to work with more innovative ideas and can actively engage in the work.

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