Combine fitness with fun on a sailing school holiday

Although considered by many simply to be a pleasurable holiday or a diverting pastime,sailing in fact has many health benefits too. Here, Idania explains how a sailing vacation can provide you with far more than just happy memories.

With the media full of frightening statistics regarding escalating obesity levels and the dangers of high blood pressure and cholesterol, it is more important than ever to take control of the course of our health. Yet finding the time to dedicate to exercise and well-being can be very difficult. Furthermore, when the time comes for a holiday from work the draw of the sun-lounger can be too much to resist. Yet, there is a solution that can provide a pleasurable getaway without neglecting the need to exercise   in fact; it can enhance all round health. If it is a concept entirely new to you, the option of sailing school is much advised   and here is now it can improve both mind and body.

Emotional well-being

Fitness can be broken down into separate sections: cardiovascular; muscular strength; and aerobic fitness. Many sports and workouts satisfy only one or two of these components, yet studies show that sailing can actually help all three. Not only that, but sailing has been shown to markedly improve the emotional happiness of participants. This is all down to the quality of salty sea air that surrounds those out on the water. Serotonin, the hormone which controls happiness, is supposedly balanced by taking part in sailing activities meaning a positive mood is maintained throughout. Additionally, the rhythmic motion of the boat and the gentle undulation of the lapping waves combine to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. So once you mind is refreshed and re-balanced, you can focus on your physical health.

Physical fitness

Being out on the water vastly increases oxygen intake. With more oxygen flowing around the body, heart health is much improved. In fact, the amount of oxygen taken into the body whilst sailing is higher than when playing tennis, football or baseball. The more you exercise your heart, the more you will be able to exercise full stop, so looking after your heart is of the utmost importance. Sailing is indeed as good as a workout. There are many movements involved that cannot be achieved without control and strength in the arms; for example, hoisting sail to control the ship’s direction. Sailing school will leave you with flexibility in your muscles and a much improved level of stamina. Indeed, the benefits to your back, your shoulder and your thigh muscles will be felt and appreciated long after your suntan has faded.

It’s not all work and no play

Sailing school holidays are, of course, not just about fitness. There are exotic locations to be visited, dramatic scenery to be admired in addition to the opportunity to master new skills. So if you are looking to escape the toils and stresses of modern life, a sailing school holiday might be quite literally what the doctor’s ordered.

She recommends to those who wish to know more about the benefits of such a holiday.

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