Blackberry OS 10.1 Update To Bring HDR Stills And More

Finally the most awaited Blackberry OS 10.1 update is coming soon in the market and if you are a Blackberry fun, then you must be very excited because this new device update is coming with very unique and wonderful features that you will admire. The updates are already available to the developers and very soon you will be able to see them in the devices.

What are the notable additions that will be brought about by the update?

• This Blackberry OS 10.1 updates will additions on the HDR photos that will be able to support APNs editing features. This will be very convenient for the users who love to edit their photos and videos for the best.

• The Blackberry OS 10.1 update will also improve the notification management for different apps that are used in the blackberry.

• It will also include the pin-to-pin messaging as well as the paste support for the dial pad. So blackberry is the best device for the current generation after the installation of these Blackberry OS 10.1 updates.
A part from the above unique features, there are other good things that will be brought about by this Blackberry OS 10.1 updates.

These will include:

• The text ‘highlights’ for the word corrections in the keyboard will be green rather than blue since most of the users do not like the blue colour so much, the green is a bit friendly.

• Another thing that has also changed the colour due to the Blackberry OS 10.1 update is the sharing menu. It will now be black just like it is on the blackberry Q10.
• There is also an improvement on the text picker as it will be able to allow easy movement from left and right between the letters.

• The Blackberry OS 10.1 update has also enabled the Select All for the broadcast messages and this will not be wasting the users’ time any more.

• Through the Blackberry OS 10.1 update you will also be able to check for the updates in the blackberry very easily.

• The Blackberry OS 10.1 update has also enabled the Blackberry World to have options for the coupons redemption.

• Through the Blackberry OS 10.1 update, you will now be able to turn off the alerts for specific applications if they are not useful to you.

• It will also enable you to lock your Blackberry phone completely through the lock screen by the power button.

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