All About Media Monitoring

The importance of correct and timely information cannot be over-emphasized. However, this importance has increased exponentially in the recent years. The credit mainly goes to the Internet media. The internet has made it possible to offer people real time media monitoring service in Chicago. Users can access this information even from their Smartphones, using online tools and apps. Digital trends are spreading like wildfire. Smartphones and tablets are available for ever cheaper prices, and Internet has become ubiquitous. Media monitoring is only keeping pace with the whole technological advancements. Professional companies are entering the field and are finding out that customers are already waiting for them.

Media monitoring is not a new concept, but the way it is being deployed today is new. The speed and reach of media monitoring tools have increased tremendously. Using newest technologies, media monitoring service can monitor all types of keywords and subjects all across the media universe. That includes newspapers, TV, radio and Internet media. Monitoring diverse types of media calls for specialized equipment and expertise. Human resource as well as digital gear has to match the nature of the task at hand. The success of a media monitoring outfit lies in keeping pace with technology and providing seamless services to its customers.

Media monitoring might seem simpler than it actually is. There are no chances when it comes to TV or radio monitoring, no second take. When you have missed a news item, you have missed it. If your competitor catches the same news before you, it might use the information to its advantage and against you. The same is true for politics. Imagine if the presidential candidates knew what the impact of their campaign has been. They would be able to adopt the agenda that clicks with their supporters. Without media monitoring, they would just be groping in the dark.

Newspaper monitoring requires news clippings to be tagged and archived in a way they can be easily searched and reproduced. Radio and TV monitoring is done by recording their transmissions and editing separate clips for different topics and keywords. Internet monitoring is carried out by web crawlers that track the keywords and determine the relevancy and importance of a particular piece of content. All this information is stored in a database. The structure of the database is specially optimized for speedy and easy access.

Storing the media information is also a daunting task. A certain level of experience is necessary before a person can properly track and tag news. Users want relevant information, and might be put off if they are shown what they don’t want to see. Media monitoring service Chicago carries out monitoring using state of the art equipment and highly skilled manpower. Many of the subscribers also want media analysis in addition to media monitoring. Analysis requires even more qualified consultants. The consultants may also be hired for special monitoring and analytical projects. Businesses, governments and research scientists can utilize media monitoring to take important decisions and find out important facts.

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