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Money forms an integral part of our lives. Be it for payments of basic needs or for the ones that incur exorbitant expenses. We all need money to exist, survive and live comfortably. With the recession hitting most parts of the world; major economies are experiencing its tremors and have felt its impact drastically. Job layoffs and pay-cuts have further increased the problems enormously for individuals world-wide.

An important area where a person needs to invest extensively, from his early years of life is his education. Education lays the foundations for a brighter future and an excellent job after completion of the various courses. However, not everyone can afford to bear the costs, which education comes with. You are lucky if you are born rich and have parents who are ready to burn a hole in their pockets and fund your college years. But, this is not the case for most of the people. These youngsters start saving early in life right from their high school days or take up multiple jobs to chalk out a plan and save enough money to fund their education. Scholarship forms the best option for these individuals who are seeking to study and need some help or assistance in sorting out the finances for their chosen course of study. There are various Scholarships and Grant programs that are available globally. These definitely help in easing the expenses and let the students concentrate and focus more on their studies rather than worry about how to arrange and make the different payments for their studies.

Scholarships are granted for every characteristic of human talent, behavior or skills that you can think of! Some of the most commonly used scholarships are listed below:

Merit Based Scholarships: As the name suggests, these are issued to students who have striven hard and have been meritorious all through their academic years. These require high test scores or GPA’s to qualify.

Need Based Scholarships: These are aimed at students that come from less privileged income group strata of the society or any other specific need that they may encounter. While some of them may require the student to have good academics most of them will concentrate on the capacity of the student to pay for his or her own schooling.

Minority Based Scholarships: These are designed to be availed by those students who come from the minority section of the population. These include Hispanic groups, Blacks and Asians etc.

Disability Scholarships: These are issued to differently able people with some physical or mental disability. Paralyzed, Dyslexic, Blind, amputees and wheel chair bound individuals etc. come under this category.

State Based Scholarships: These are issued to students to support them to study in a specific state. These are designed in a bid to encourage students to take up studies and do their schooling in a certain state.

All these scholarships have a different set of rules and pre-requisites that may be listed in the guidelines given by their issuing authorities. It is therefore of utmost importance, to read the requirements of any specific scholarship thoroughly to gauge if you fit into it perfectly. There are ample numbers of other scholarships available for you to choose from, in-case you find that you are not fitting into any one of them at this moment. If you put in the desired efforts and explore all the options available for you, then you will find it easy to arrange the money for all your educational needs. Your thorough research will guide you to success and make you feel at ease as all your finances will be looked after through various scholarships. Then you can just concentrate on acquiring great knowledge and put in all your hard-work and sincerity to focus on studies. No financial woes just simple studying!

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