How To Make The Most of Cheap Promotional Items

You might be surprised to find out that cheap promotional items have nothing to do with poor quality, shoddy merchandize. Whenever you give out promotional items, you’re representing your brand, which means that it should always be the best quality. Your merchandize should be imprinted with your logo and other important company information in such a way that it stands out and doesn’t fade with time.

When business is slow, there are certain cost cutting measures you’ll have to take to sustain your business through a rough period. Your marketing plans and material should never be a part of your cost cutting. It is a crucial activity that will bring in more business if you resist the temptation to cut corners and hand out low quality material.

Using quality marketing materials like promotional items doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. Here are some tips for purchasing high quality promotional items on a small budget.

Quality Comes First: Don’t fall for the cheapest quotes. Always keep in mind that these items represent your brand. Do you think that your customers will want to do business with a company that cares nothing about quality? Instead of sacrificing quality, why not order less of promotional items in order to get the best quality? Then when business picks up, you can order some more.

Think Long Term: One small promotional item could have long term benefits for your business. Think about the far reaching consequences of your $1-$5 investment if the quality is so good that it stays on your customer’s desk or refrigerator for years. Cheap quality items won’t have the staying power as a quality promotional piece.

Keep it Practical: When choosing promotional items, think of thinks that your customers might use daily. That way, your logo will be in their lines of vision and at the top of their minds whenever they use the item.

Plan Early: Plan ahead so you can budget for the cost, request several quotes and even purchase in advance so you’re not forced to pay for rush order or shipping. Early planning also provides the opportunity to look out for sales and get a jump on them when they arise.

Bulk Purchases: Save on the cost of each item by purchasing in bulk. The more you purchase, the more you save. The savings on the total cost –and sometimes shipping- could be as much as several hundred dollars based on quantities.

Take Advantage of Sales: Impulse buying is never a good thing, but once you decide to purchase some promotional items for your company, you can keep your eyes and ears opened for any upcoming sales. This way, you’ll save even more on the total invoice.

Ask About Freebies: Ask your supplier if they’re willing to waive certain charges, offer special discounts or even offer free customization. These benefits might seem small, but could add up to a sizeable savings.

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