Top Alternative Ways To Market Your Brand

Savvy consumers are constantly bombarded with information, images and advertisements in ever-inventive formats, so it has become difficult to create unique and eye catching ways to market your brand in an already crowded marketplace.

By keeping a few simple rules in mind, you can keep your marketing fresh and current. Remember, people tend to have short attention spans made worse by becoming accustomed to social media quick updates, tweets and instantly posted images, so your brand needs to present a clear and powerful message that draws an audience in.

Look Professional 

If you are posting out promotional DVDs, CDs or flash drives with information or presentations on, the marketing starts at first glance. Using experienced companies like Disc Makers, who will work with you to create a polished finished product, you can ensure that the packaging is as impressive as the contents.

A Picture Can Say a Thousand Words 

Images can be very powerful, can hold attention and stay in the memory for far longer than a paragraph of text. If you use social media to market your brand, ensure that your images are unique and updated regularly. Research some Guerrilla Marketing styles for inspiration to surprise your audience with something new, unusual or appear where your target audience would least expect to find you.

Make Sure There Is a Customer Engagement Experience 

Especially if your customer interaction is online because, however much we have become familiar with online interaction, it is always important for customers to know that a person actually exists behind the brand. Let your customers know you are there for them by engaging with them. Customer competitions, inviting customers to post photos of themselves with/using your particular brand are all great ways to bring the customer in.

Creativity is Hiding Your Sources

Look around you at the tactics, campaigns and customer interactions being used by other companies that have been successful and consider how your version of it could look.

Keep it Fresh

Make sure you regularly update your website; this will keep people coming back for updates. Depending on your brand, providing your customers with the occasional downloadable freebie or useful piece of advice are great ways to get them sharing and talking about your website and brand across their own social media pages.

Increase Your Visibility in the Community

Sponsor, donate or offer free services for a charity. You will often be surprised at the marketing opportunities that arise.

Create Relationships 

…with bloggers and website owners. Give insightful comments on their blog that show that you have actually read their post and begin conversations on social media sites. Bloggers may be happy for you to write a guest post about your brand. Write articles for local magazines, publications or business journals.

Write Your Own Blog

A blog is very simple to set up and maintain, it requires very little technical knowledge and is great for website SEO. Here you can host promotional videos, share inside knowledge and generate relationships. Link your blog to twitter and Facebook, so when you create a new post, your followers will get a notification.

This article was written by Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer. Ella specialises in writing about marketing schemes for businesses.

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