New High Tech Gadgets for Architects

Architects are responsible for all of the buildings that exist in the world today. Many of them have been using tools that have been tried and true throughout the years. While this is true for many of them, some of them are going to the more high tech versions of some tools.


When drafting a design, most architects use pencils (a few may use pens). Acme Studios has developed a ballpoint pen designed to scale that is made from laser-etched aluminum and contains a magnetic package. Whether you know an architect that has been in the business for years or one that is just starting out, this pen is a cool tool for them to have.

Digital Distance Measure Kit

The company Bosch developed a tool by the name of DLR130K Digital Distance Measuring Kit. Instead of carrying around a lot of equipment to get the correct distance of something, just pull this tool out of your pocket. Since it is measured digitally, it is very efficient. One thing that has been said over and over again about this tool is that it is extremely valuable and saves a lot of time.


Holograms have not been used often in the past for such things as architecture, however technology is getting smarter. In the past, scale models had to be built and placed on a large flat surface. Many of these models were too large to travel even a few miles with, and even if you could travel with them, you would have to worry about damaging parts of the model. Not to mention, building a scale model this way will be very pricy.

Well say good-bye to those bulky models, because here comes the holographic model. There is a company called Zebra that can produce a holographic model to scale for you. They only need the structural information from the architect and consider it done. Another great thing about these holograms is that it can travel with you. Some projects may be larger than others and the solution to this is putting several holographic tiles together to complete the model. Holograms have come a long way from novelty items and children’s stickers.

Virtual Tools

Many drafters have turned to computers to help them be more productive. One of the most popular tools for that is TurboCAD. This is a computer program that allows you to drop doors in, remove or add walls, add a garage (or take one away if it is not wanted), add windows, and more. With this program all you have to do is right click on the tool bar and the quick tool window will pop up for use. With this tool, you are also able to set up your schedule and make sure things are done on time. Another great quality about this software is the ability to make your supply list and keep it with the design. The exterior of the building can also be drafted using this program. This helps insure that everything stays together.

Although these are just a few ideas of what is new in the world of architecture, there are many more available.

Author Bio: William Stevens is a writer and blogger who creates informative articles related to technology. In this article, he describes a few new architecture-related gadgets and aims to encourage further study with an Online Masters Degree in Civil Engineering.

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