5 Acts that will Ruin Your Reputation Online

Do you realize that you can potentially ruin your own reputation online? Do you realize that you constantly do things that can damage your reputation? Most people don’t realize that their brand reputation is ruined because of their own actions. So, beware of what you’re doing. Here are 5 things you constantly do to ruin your reputation online:

1.Bashing Other Companies Or Products

You know that your product is excellent. It doesn’t mean that it is right for you to bash other products that are inferior to your product. It will only make a negative impression toward your brand. Why? It is good for you to let people know how good your product is, but people won’t be pleased if you let them know that other products are worthless. It can backfire you. How? The customers of other products that you’re bashing will soon or later give their own negative opinion about your product. Their negative comments will spread like wildfire, and you can’t control its spreading.

2.Firing Your Customers

When your boss tells you that you are fired, what would be your reaction? You will get angry and curse your boss for giving you that word. You will perhaps live in constant resentment toward your boss. So, it’s the same when you fire your customers because they’re bad customers. They can potentially harm your reputation. So, if you want to fire them, you have to do it strategically. You have to keep a nice manner so that they don’t feel offended by your words.

3.Stealing Other People’s Ideas

In today’s world, uniqueness plays an important role. If you deliver a unique product to your customers, you will be remembered as the pioneer in your market. However, if you just follow what others are doing, stealing other people’s ideas and create copies of other people’s product, you are ruining your own reputation. It is best for you to be a leader or innovator rather than a follower and imitator. Deliver your product in your own unique way.

4.Not Keeping Your Promise

If you promise your customers that your product can do this and that, you better keep your promise because if you don’t, people won’t trust you again. Not keeping your promise to your customers will lead you to lose their trust, which will in turn lead you to lose your reputation. Therefore, it is very important for you to avoid making promises you can’t keep. No matter what happens, your customers will hold on to your words, and they’ll see whether you fulfill your own words or not.

5.Not Giving Special Treatment To Your Customers

Each of your customers deserves to get special treatment from you. That’s because they are not paying you for nothing. They want the most out of their investment. So, you better make sure to make it happen. If you give VIP treatment to your customers, your customers will like you and keep doing business with you. But, if you treat them like they’re nothing, they will tend to leave you and never come back. So, watch how you treat your customers, because it can either ruin your own reputation or build a stronger reputation for your brand.

Those are 5 things that you constantly do to ruin your reputation online. If you do those things, now is the time for you to stop doing it before you ruin your own business.

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