Launching Delightful Experience of TV watching Entertainment in your Smartphones and Tablets

LAS VEGAS: The makers of movie studios, networks and television programs are venturing to develop amazing software and original content from the tablets in order to drive interactive audience and fresh audience revenue. At initial stages these media usually dismissed the mobile devices as a source of distraction. The traditional method of TV viewing is slowly emerging in to a marvelous growth in the hand held gadgets such as the tablets.

movie studiosAs we know that people start fiddling with smartphones or tablet while relaxing during television commercials. Therefore broadcasters, manufacturers and developers are investing on developing innovative applications that attracts the attention of the people viewing these programs. The professional executives and the developers understand this fact eventually. Lisa Hsia who is the executive vice president of the Bravo Digital Network says, “When the iPad came out, we decided to give it a shot, for almost a year, no one came out with an app. Now, it’s a cost of entry for any TV network.” And she added “It’s not only the fans who crave it, it’s also another potential form of revenue as interactivity brings in a whole new engagement and revenue.”

According to the Nielson report it was announced that at least once a day more than 40% people living in America are using smartphones or tablets while they are watching Television commercials. And it was amazing to know through the Pew Research that almost 11% of the people who were viewing the live telecast of President Barack Obama with Mitt Romney were simultaneously watching the complete coverage of mobile devices or computers exclusively. When you enter the “second screen” application on the smartphones or tablets they can be synchronized with onscreen actions for costume design information and games. They offer invitation with the viewer point by holding voting booth for their favorite characters or scenes.

David Bishop, who is the president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, said, “For us it’s a way to get consumers engaged in movies, Some may say this is a distraction but it could drive you to see films that you may otherwise not watch. It becomes part of the whole movie-watching experience.” Do you know that the last year show “Top Chef” ninth season the “Last Chance Kitchen” which is a high rated cable show was viewed in the web-only program by eight million people round the globe. Manufacturers of the hardware devices are desperately searching for sources to introduce other exclusive second-screen features in a bashing manner.

At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas TV manufacturers are focusing on interactivity with the help of mobile devices. Panasonic introduced their innovative viewing of the TV contents with their specially designed Android devices. Thus major hit of the year 2013 is expected to be a perfect combination of TV with mobile phones. Guy Finley, the executive director of the Media and Entertainment Services Alliance, which organized a conference on second screens at CES, said “”I originally planned on one room and about 200 people. It quickly went to two rooms with 200 people each. The interest is huge.” Now you know the success of the grandeur!