4 User-Friendly Laptops For Older Parents

Most older adults didn’t have the luxury of easy access to technology growing up, so adapting to the most advanced devices might be a little difficult for parents without early experience. But it’s never too late to learn, and one of the best ways to get comfortable with technology is to use it. You can facilitate that goal by helping your parents choose the right laptop for their needs.

Some machines – the Ultrabook, for example – tend to be more intuitive and user-friendly, making them a good first laptop for those new to technology. The following information should be helpful as you help your parents choose a laptop.


Brought to you by (you guessed it) Google Chrome, the Chromebook is ideal for older adults for three reasons: it’s simple, safe and accommodating. In terms of simplicity, the Chromebook is designed primarily for surfing the Internet, which likely constitutes the bulk of any parent’s online activity. The “verified boot” functionality of the Chromebook also protects users from viruses, so the entire system won’t implode if your parent clicks on a dubious link. Finally, Chromebook offers web-based functionality that enables you to log into their software and fix a problem. Not to mention, font resizing features make surfing and reading easier than ever for the visually impaired.

HP g7

The HP g7 laptop is a sleek and simple laptop with a clear and vision-friendly 17.3-inch screen. At half the price of a MacBook, parents can enjoy a generous five-hour battery life and 6GB of RAM, which offers plenty of space for storing photos of the family and building a collection of MP3s from their favorite artists. A full keyboard with a separate number pad makes typing easier than ever for the “hunt-and-peck” types, while an Intel Core i3-380M processor fosters faster start-up, surfing and general response time.


If mom and dad are completely new to the tech scene, the Telikin touch screen laptop is a great first-time choice for warming up to the digital world. No set-up necessary – the Telikin is ready to go right out of the box with pre-loaded, simplified software activated with just a touch of the screen. This software enables quick and easy access to the web, email, video chat, news, weather, games and photo sharing tools, so parents don’t have to learn multiple programs just to use the device.

Anti-virus software prevents dangerous bugs and malfunctions in the system, while a “tech buddy” feature offers round-the-clock computer assistance for users. Other special features include a sleek 18.6-inch LCD touchscreen, built-in speakers, webcam, microphone and wired keyboard and mouse.

Asus K53E

One of the most budget-friendly laptops on the list is the Asus K53E, which comes with high-quality aluminum textures that make for a sleek and durable design. IceCool Technology directs heat-producing computer parts away from the user for safer and more comfortable use, while an award-winning ergonomic, dust-repellent keyboard reduces maintenance needs and ensures typing ease. Second generation Intel Core processors ensure fast response times for ultra-convenient use.

With any new technology, adapting takes time. But for those who weren’t brought up with full access to a computer, adjusting can be a bit harder. These user-friendly laptop models make this transition easier, which enables parents to take advantage of the many benefits of technology without having to learn about all of the complexities of more sophisticated devices. So, if you’re just looking for an affordable and user-friendly laptop for an older user, these options are a great start to your search that could help you stay connected with the ones you love.

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