New Skype for Android Tablets, With Added Features and Superior Voice Quality


An advanced version of Skype 3.0 has created a rage among the Android powered tablet users. With the introduction of the upgraded Skype 3.0, the users of the smartphones running on Android versions of 2.1 or more are able to access the multi-functional application of Skype 3.0, especially designed for Android powered tablets. The advanced Skype is said to be providing superior quality of audio, irrespective of the fluctuations in the connection of internet. The introduction of audio codec, SILK, has made this revolution possible.

SkypeHowever, to avail the facility of video conferencing, the users need to opt for an Android smart tablet, with dual camera. The smart tablet should be powered with 2.3 version of Android software, or more. Earlier, Skype had even launched an upgraded version of the software that is compatible for usage in the devices powered by the operating system of Windows 8.

Skype had been in extensive use by various groups of world population. It is a free software that helps in regular conversation over the internet, providing both video conferencing, as well as through sms-es. The newer version of advanced Skype for the Android tablets requires the Android version of 2.3 or more, so that the user can use the facility of video conferencing as well, using both the rear facing and the front facing cameras. The newer and advanced application of Skype for the Android tablets is available in Google’s Play store and can be downloaded free of cost.

Skype had upgraded and modified the software to be used in the high and advanced versions of Android and Windows 8 operating systems, since the devices powered by these operating systems have a larger screen. This will allow the users to have a better view, in case they are using the web-cam of the devices to converse through Skype. The application of advanced Skype 3.0 for Android powered tablets is currently being available in the devices of Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the tablet of Asus Transformer Prime (to mention a few).

Facilities provided for Android tablet users

The advanced application of Skype for the higher versions of Android tablets is said to offer a variety of facilities. The users can now share the exclusive photos and even videos stored in the Android device. In addition to this, they can also merge all the contacts under Outlook, Hotmail and even Messenger in a single ID under Microsoft. Not only this, the newer version of the application even provides the surprise element through which the users engaged in regular networking can now check the Facebook updates and even post updates though using this advanced application.

The application of advanced Skype 3.0 in the Android powered tablets even allows the users to send text messages to other devices and even make calls to the mobiles and landlines, other than the app of Skype of any other device. This will certainly prove to be immensely beneficial in case of conducting business dealings and other official conversations, including important video conference. However, this facility will be available at a certain charge of money, and will not come in for free.

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