Exciting Flash Based Adventure Games of 2012

There’s something about adventure games that really sparks up our imagination. These games usually come with excellent storylines where the heroes embark on a mission. The great part about this genre is that it caters not only to kids but adults as well.

Some of the best adventure games this 2012 are playable without any need for you to install them. You can actually play them straight out of your browser. We have listed some of the best titles that you should be checking out.

Arcuz: Behind The Dark

If you are familiar with Diablo or Zelda then you will love playing this game. In Arcuz you will fight lots of monsters. You can improve the skills of your character and provide him with better weapons. There are 18 different maps that you can explore and 25 quests to undertake. You are going to master 21 battle skills as well as acquire more than a hundred different weapon types. The graphics and soundtrack of this game is pretty amazing and is definitely worth checking out.

Monster’s Den

What’s unique about this game is that it is party based. This means that you control more than one character. There are 5 different characters classes to choose from which you can use to battle with monsters as you go about exploring dungeons. You are also provided with lots of weapon choices to assist you in your quest and adventure.

Dragon Age: Journeys

This game is loosely based on the popular Dragon Age game of Bioware. If you are looking for the best graphics for a flash based game then this is it. The graphics are just smooth and flawless. The game has a great storyline that lets you explore areas underground where dwarves dwell. You can customize your character before embarking on your epic journey.

Talesworth Arena

This fantasy adventure game is perfect for casual gamers who want to experience playing a good RPG. This game has an excellent one on one combat system that will impress even the most hardcore gamer. You start out by choosing a character from one of the three classes which are Juggernaut, Engineer and Psionic. You character will then have to battle it out against rival gladiators in ten levels.

Kings Island

This game has one of the coolest graphics in any flash based game. The story revolves around King’s Island where a riot has mysteriously broken. The King sends you out on a mission to bring thing back to normal. Aside from the great story involved you will enjoy the hack and slash approach being implemented. You’re going to need quick fingers as you constantly press your mouse button to inflict damage on your enemies.

We have just featured 5 of the most exciting flash based adventure for 2012. Be sure to check them out and prepare to spend long hours in front of your computer as you become addicted playing them. These games are definitely going to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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