Apple Tablet Computer Market Share Goes Down Globally

Apple’s share in the global market for tablet computers goes down from 60% to 50%. The company has noticed that in last 12 months the rate of share downfall has increased. Analysts of IDC have published this report recently.

IDC analysts also calculated the third quarter market and sales figure for Apple and they came to the conclusion that in last quarter, Apple has shipped only 14 millions of iPad tablets.    The rate is comparable to 2011-quarter sale rate of iPad, which was 11.1 million. The sale rate has not increased that much, especially if compared to popularity and demand for the devices.

Apple’s rival Samsung, however, has done well in this regard and the company has been able to boost its share to 18.4% in the last quarter. Apple though filed a case against the Korean company saying that the manufacturers have copied some of their technologies and designs.

Apple Tablet Computer

The shipment rate for Samsung has also increased noticeably, if compared to Apple’s shipment rating. Samsung third quarter report for last year showed that rate of Samsung tablet shipment increased almost up to 4 millions. Last year it jumped from 1.2 millions to a doubled rate of 5.1 million.

The IDC research director, Tom Mainelli said that a certain number of consumers who are interested in latest Apple products searched for other devices during the last quarter because their expectation to get the all-new iPad mini did not fulfill on right time.

He also suggested that as Apple authority has already started shipping the full-sized iPads (fourth generation) and the expected iPad Mini, it is presumed that Apple will soon recover its losses and will experience a better quarter this time.

However, some section believes that high price of iPad Mini can cause a hindrance. The starting price of the new iPad Mini is very high, $329 and it will help the android vendors to rebuild the success rate that they experienced during the last quarter.

Apple authorities officially reported that the company had already sold almost 3 million of iPads since it has been launched.

At some Apple shops, the line for the recently launched iPad Mini and the fourth- generation iPad is lesser than what it is generally noticed during weekends. However, consumes are still looking for the new device and the rate of demand is increasing once again.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook commented during a report that the company professionals are working hard to produce the products faster and to meet customers demand as soon as possible.

Apple authorities reported that the sale rate was almost double compared to the first weekend sale rate of Wi-Fi only models. The new iPad Mini has also been sold more than the third generation one, when it was first launched in March last year.

The first weekend recorded sale of 3 million units for the third generation iPad. Now it is the time to see whether Apple manages to reach the top position and regain its market share, or the rival Android players in the market retain their lead.

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