The Ninja Game: Puzzle, Strategy, Actions, and Ninjas

Online gamers are probably familiar with all kinds of ninja games online. This new genre of game, featuring ninjas in all sorts of situations and settings, has become one of the most popular around. It’s probably impossible to go to any semi-good gaming site and not find at least one or two good ninja games featured there. If you’re a fan of online ninja games, then you don’t have far to look to find some extremely good games.

There are good ninja games, and there are bad ninja games, and there are those in between. One game that stands out from most, however, is The Ninja Game. This simple game, featured on, combines all the elements of a perfect ninja game into one extremely enjoyable package. If you haven’t discovered this game yet, it’s definitely worth a try.


The graphics are done in a hand-drawn, minimal and almost childish style, and yet this doesn’t detract from the game at all. In fact, it adds a certain feel to the game that gives it a bit of extra appeal. The soft background tones, the cute little characters, and the simple buttons and controls belie just how challenging the game really is.

As for actual playability, you’ll find that The Ninja Game is extremely easy to run on almost any modern computer. You shouldn’t have any problems with lagging or delays unless your internet itself has issues.


Like we mentioned previously, don’t be fooled by the cute and simplistic graphics of this game. You’ll have a hard time getting through the third level, and all the levels that follow get increasingly tough. Turrets threaten you at every step, spikes have to be carefully avoided, and those are just two of the many problems you face.


The challenge certainly adds to the fun, though, and even though you may have to work at certain levels for long periods of time, it’s worth it. The game holds your attention and keeps you coming back to try again and again. If you’re not careful, you could become a certified The Ninja Game addict.


It’s the simplicity of the game that really makes it a winner in the end. All you have to do is click to make your character jump, and try to get through the obstacles that way. You’ll find that the game has much more to it than that, though, as each new challenge requires you to think creatively to solve the problems.

Try out the game any time you want by simply searching online. You can play whenever you want for as long as you like, and strive as hard as you need to in order to beat the game. It’s harder than you might think.

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