The HP 7510 is the Best Affordable Home Printer

The HP 7510 is a powerful printer meant for homes and very small offices. This printer is very fast and reliable, and the durable parts ensure that you won’t have to visit the Hewlett-Packard service centre very often. While this printer is missing some of the more impressive features that are included with more expensive models, you get a lot from this affordable hardware.

Print Quality

The print quality for the HP 7510 is very good for a home printer. While it does not quite stand up to professional printers, you will be able to print out images that are clear and crisp. Text looks very sharp, and you shouldn’t notice any blurry printing.

The only problem with the print quality is that it can sometimes be darker than what you see on the screen. This mostly occurs with high-resolution photos that are printed on photo paper. This does not occur with graphics.


The HP 7510 is primarily made for the Mac. You can connect to your Mac via a USB connection, or you can link it with your home network. Wireless printing is very convenient if you have several computers, and the printer responds quite well over a wireless connection.

This printer also has an AirPort connection. You can instantly print from your iPhone, iPod or iPad without having to go through the computer.

Touch Screen

The touch screen is 4.3 inches, and the interface is icon driven. This means that you are given icons to help you navigate through the features. You can easily print from external media without using the computer. The touch screen also comes with some useful apps. You can see the weather, create forms and graph paper and solve puzzles while the HP 7510 is printing.

Some people complain because the touch screen is not detachable like other HP printers, but it still works very well.

Duplex Printing

The HP 7510 comes with auto-duplex printing. This means that it is automatically set to print on both sides of a page. Duplex printing saves paper, and it also decreases the price of printing. It also makes it much easier to print booklets. Setting the HP 7510 to single-sided printing is easy, and you can do it by accessing a simple menu.


The HP 7510 isn’t a workhorse, but it can move pretty fast. If you choose the lowest quality setting, then you can print 34 pages per minute (ppm). If you choose the highest quality, then you can print at about 14 ppm. These speeds are pretty good considering the competition, and it only takes 16 seconds for the printer to start printing.


While the HP 7510 is good for its intended audience, there are a few things missing. There is no tray for A4 paper, and there is no Ethernet connectivity. One of the biggest cons is that you cannot print from a USB stick, but you can print from an SD card.


The HP 7510 may not be the strongest or fastest printer around, but it really works well for the price. If you need a dedicated printer that is reasonably fast for your home, then this printer is one of the best that you can get. It might be lacking some features, but it does a great job with what it can do.

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