Review of the Top 10 Website Development Tools

The internet is not only the platform of business transactions and communication these days but it is also one of the most reliable and popular sources of information the following is brief review of the top 10

10. BestAddress HTML Editor: this software offers WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which runs together with HTML editor that is text based. The experienced people will love the option of code tinkering and streamlining the data load of page. For the newcomers, this software’s visual editing is the best way of website creation without the need of learning the entire language of the code.

9. Top Style Pro 4: this software is not recommended for the users that are new to CSS and HTML or who have no experience in building websites.  Instead, the TopStyle Pro 4 is designed for the purpose of updating the old HTMl sites as well as editing the sites in CSS.  Its code converter, code checker and live FTP editing mode are designed for use by people that have experience in working with CSS and HTML.

8. UltraEdit: the latest version of this software, the v.15.00 has many features that make it popular among the web designers.  It is especially useful in the development of websites. Based on its features, the inexperienced users might find it hard to use the UltraEdit. It can be easily configured to suit the requirements of different website environments ranging from casual to the commercial.

7. AceHTML 6 Pro: this is a good choice of HTML editor for the beginners of web development. Although it lacks some of the flashy features that are found in wed design tools of the professional grade, its handy extras are highly reliable.  It straightforward approach is loved by the novice site creators and experienced webmasters.

6. HTML-Kit Tools: the HTML-Kit is not recommended for the beginners because it requires the proper knowledge of the popular mark up languages.  For the experienced designers, this software offers strongest of features as well as norills interface that satisfies those who are technically proficient to have better control over the code.

5. Evrsoft First Page:  this software is known because of its HTML editor that is loaded with many features. It also has many other utilities and extras that make the web design easy even to the people that are not experienced.

4. NetObjects Fusion 11: this website development has all the features that are required for the building of website from scratch.  Among the notable features of this software include advanced Flash introductions and FAQ pages that are based on HTML.  It is especially loved by the layout specialists, graphic designers and desktop publishers.

3. Web Easy Professional: this is the latest “Bronze Award” TopTenReviews winner. The website development is mostly viable in two main choices namely Professional level and light weight code editors. The good thing about this website development software is that it offers interface that is visually oriented and which is ideal for the new comers in the web designing.  It greatest advantage is that owner can use it even if he or she has no knowledge of markup languages such as HTML.

2. Serif WebPlus X2: this website development software features useful features such as YouTube, various templates, helpful wizards, media and Flash utilities. The software is also very easy to use.

1. CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer:  this website development software is rated as the best by most reviewers.  It is the latest “Gold Award” TopTenReviews winner.  Unlike most of software which use terms such as JavaScript, PSP, HTML, etc which scare most of web designers, this website development software uses an interactive What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface.

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  1. i have been using AceHTML 6 Pro for a time.. and i would say its a easy to use software best for proplr like me who dont want to pressurize the brains..xD

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