Top Tips To Sell Your Old, Unwanted Cell Phones For Cash

Top Tips To Sell Your Old, Unwanted Cell Phones For Cash

These days, there are plenty of websites on the Internet that are willing to purchase your old, unwanted phones. It is the right time to get those old handsets out of your drawers and cupboards where they are probably gathering dust only and sell them for cash. The question however is how to be sure if you are getting the right price for the same. The following tips will definitely help you to get maximum cash for mobile.

Top Tips To Sell Your Old, Unwanted Cell Phones For Cash

Do A Thorough Research And Comparison Shopping
First of all, it is very important for you to make sure that the sites you are considering putting your cell phones for sale are the ones operated by genuine and reliable mobile recycling companies. Many sites work only as middlemen – they purchase your handsets at a lower price from you and sell the same to mobile recyclers at a significantly much higher price. So, avoid such sites. Besides that, considering the very fact that the market now is overcrowded with mobile recycling companies, it always pays to do a thorough comparison shopping to find out the ones that are known to offer the best deals. Search for more information about them on the Internet. Read reviews about them on various forums. You can even consider getting personal recommendations from friends. Shortlist some good names and then request a quote for your mobile phones from each of them.

Always Make A Counter Offer
You are strongly recommended never to accept the first offer straightaway. A little bit of negotiation can help you get a much better deal. So, make a counter offer quoting why your phones deserve a better price. The chances are that the companies will raise their offer price a little higher after some negotiation.

Use Recorded Delivery Instead Of Freepost Envelopes
Though many companies ask you to send your phones through freepost envelopes, you are advised to send your handsets through recorded delivery – just to make the process more secure.
Challenge It If The Company Offers To Pay A Lesser Price Than Initially Quoted

Many times, after receiving and reviewing the mobile phones, companies change their offer price. So, get prepared for it. You might be told after a review that the handsets sent by you have certain defects and are not exactly the same quality as you explained initially while setting them up for sale on their site. Remember, just because you have already sent the handsets, you are not obligated to accept any offer they make. In such cases, you are strongly recommended to challenge it. If you are confident that your mobile phone is worth more than the new price on offer, you must insist for a better price. Get prepared for another set of negotiations.

A genuine and reliable mobile recycling company would never try to cheat you. So, the first step is crucial, where you have to research the details about the companies that offer cash for mobile. Besides that, you must also provide correct information about your devices. If there are some problems or defects, mention it clearly. This way, you will get an accurate quote and the chances are that you will get exactly what you have been quoted.

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